Humidity levels drop in the winter because cold air holds less moisture than warm air. Many large buildings, warehouses and factories use air handling units to ventilate and heat large areas. These units take the cold dry air from outside and convert it to warm air inside. The problem gets worse when the dry air […]

Industry Update is proud to announce that Watlow® has been selected as the recipient of our Outstanding Achievement Award. Commemorated as an industry leader, Watlow provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to numerous industries. Alongside designing and manufacturing industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers, supporting software and all the components of a thermal system, Watlow […]

The ongoing trend of miniaturisation within the connector market is a direct response to consumer demands for more compact electronic and industrial equipment. Devices such as sensors, cameras and automation equipment are rapidly decreasing in size, while displays and screens are becoming increasingly thinner and flatter. However, as these components get smaller, they simultaneously need […]