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Offering the very latest electronic production equipment

Industry Update is proud to announce that Zen Production Equipment Ltd has been chosen to receive our Outstanding Achievement award, for its continued dedication to providing market-leading electronic production equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Zen Production Equipment Ltd is dedicated to supplying companies with the world’s most appropriate production equipment for their application. Offering a dedicated service, the company is always looking to provide customers with the best quality products and after sales support possible.

With an excellent management team boasting over 30 years of experience in all the key aspects of electronic manufacturing production equipment, Zen Production Equipment Ltd has travelled to a wide range of countries in order to find the highest quality products in each sector of electronic manufacturing production engineering. Without a doubt, by purchasing from Zen Production Equipment Ltd, you can be assured that your product will be unrivalled for value.


Established in 2006, Zen Production Equipment Ltd has fostered an enviable reputation over the last 14 years, and has evolved significantly since its initial operations. “Originally, the company was focused on soldering technology,” explained Peter Clarke, Managing Director. “Now, we also offer PCB cleaning, stencil cleaning, pick and place machines, dispensing machines, routing machines, and many others. We’ve made sure that we’ve diversified into other markets so that we can offer a comprehensive product range for our clients.”


Indeed, Zen Production Equipment Ltd is constantly updating its product portfolio with equipment sourced from the industry’s leading suppliers. What’s more, the company’s staff members have years of manufacturing experience, so fully understand the importance of the repairs and maintenance of equipment.

“One of our most recent suppliers is Essemtec AG, who offers a range of pick and place systems, dispensing systems and component storage solutions. One of their machines can jet dispense solder paste at sub 300 micron dots,” explained Peter.


Based in Switzerland, Essemtec AG offers smart and highly flexible SMT Solutions. These comprise of the Fox and Puma Pick & Place systems which offer multiple heads and dispensing on a single platform. Both machines can be used as standalone systems or be configured as inline solutions, and the Spider and Tarantula dispensing systems offer a range of nozzle technologies.

All the systems use mineral cast beds for vibration free production with no warping caused by thermal drift. What’s more, linear motors are used throughout to offer the highest accuracy and no maintenance, all of which is complemented by one of the most comprehensive software packages available. To complete Essemtec’s range is the Cubus and Cubus Large component towers, which offer flexible storage of SMD reels of all sizes, trays, boxes and more. These can reduce logistic problems by 95%, offering full interface to most production systems and all major ERP and material management.


“We’ve also taken on Hoelzer, meaning we can now offer high quality laser marking machines,” said Peter. Hoelzer Systemtechnik offers equipment for marking, both laser and ink jet, and depanelling using spindle, saw or laser; this is complemented by easy to use software for each machine. Indeed, with over 30 years of experience, Hoelzer has an outstanding reputation in the industry, making it a valuable addition to Zen Production Equipment Ltd’s product range.

“We have the best equipment worldwide,” Peter continued. “One of our suppliers, Heller, is the world leader in Reflow Oven Technology.” Indeed, Heller uses the most advanced production systems around, offering consistent performance for high mix/high volume requirements, while keeping floor space to a minimum and minimising preventative maintenance costs. We’ve sold into the majority of large subcontract manufacturers, and we pride ourselves on not selling something simply for short-term return. We want to build partnerships with our customers; it’s all about the longevity of our relationships with them,” Peter explained.


“We’ll be attending the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show on 11–13 February 2020 at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, on stand N70. We’ll be exhibiting the Essemtec Fox Pick & Place system with dispensing capability, to demonstrate the solder paste jetting at sub 300 micron dots. There’ll also be a batch selective soldering machine from Inertec, and a small laser marking machine and benchtop routing machine from Hoelzer. Visitors will be able to see the pick and place and the laser marking machines working first-hand, and there will also be representatives from the companies so people can find out more information.”


Clearly, Zen Production Equipment Ltd is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality and most up to date machines for its customers, a commitment which has ensured the company’s outstanding achievements since its establishment and which puts it in good stead to continue this success in the coming years.

If you would like to find out more information on everything Zen Production Equipment Ltd has to offer, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below.

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