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Humidity levels drop in the winter because cold air holds less moisture than warm air. Many large buildings, warehouses and factories use air handling units to ventilate and heat large areas. These units take the cold dry air from outside and convert it to warm air inside. The problem gets worse when the dry air heats as it loses even more moisture, resulting in lower relative humidity.

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The DHS-150 door handle system is especially suited to heavy swing doors

With the new practical DHS-150 door handle system, the slimline AZM150 solenoid interlock from Schmersal is now even easier to use. The ergonomic DHS-150 avoids the need for a separate door handle and is suitable for machine enclosures or fencing and for all standard aluminium profiles with a width of 40 mm. The robust door bolt is particularly useful on heavy swing doors and in for use in harsh environments. 

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Visit The Floorbrite Group at The Manchester Cleaning Show, stand D6 on the 6th and 7th of April as we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year and find out how our team can transform your daily cleaning, industrial/specialist cleaning or window cleaning services. You can also challenge our team (at our stand) with your driving skills by taking part in our giant, purpose built, Scalextric Grand Prix. The Floorbrite Group, Driving Industry Standards… Read More

Industry Update is proud to announce that Watlow® has been selected as the recipient of our Outstanding Achievement Award.

Commemorated as an industry leader, Watlow provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to numerous industries. Alongside designing and manufacturing industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers, supporting software and all the components of a thermal system, Watlow also partners with its customers to optimise thermal performance, decrease design time and improve efficiency of their products and applications. Read More

Is material quietly disappearing from your pump?

The average age of the U.S. nuclear reactor fleet is 39 years old 1 and many plants are forecast to continue operating for years to come. Many nuclear pumps, especially those in aggressive services, are now at or beyond their original design life and experiencing degradation that is difficult to repair during routine maintenance. Read More