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A|2|O Technology Group is on a mission to remove the barriers to the adoption of advanced composite materials in volume applications, helping companies to reduce CO2 emissions and increase composites component manufacturing efficiency. Subsequently, after years of exciting development, A|2|O Technology Group is inviting customers to get in touch and discover how it can help develop systems tailored to their needs. Read More

When David Rybacki founded DRG Manufacturing in the Chicago suburb of Lake Zurich in 2015, he started off with nothing except a commitment to manufacture total solutions for his customers. Since he was not basing his production process on existing equipment, he set out to incorporate automated systems and processes that would provide him with the highest levels of productivity. Read More

As the industry begins to explore the potential benefits of embracing plant level digitisation, the opportunity to significantly increase efficiency through effective condition monitoring of equipment is clear. With thousands of valves used on any plant being one of the primary causes for unscheduled production downtime, huge potential savings can be realised through effective performance monitoring. Read More

With most of the leading CHP component providers based in Europe, getting hold of quality gas engine spares at short notice has become more difficult this year, due to a combination of COVID-19 and Brexit. Here, James Thompson, Managing Director of gas engine support specialist Gen-C, reveals how operators can maintain their engine’s performance by buying directly from UK distributors – avoiding bureaucratic red tape, additional costs and border delays. Read More

One of the primary purposes of workwear, no matter what type of work is involved, is of course to help protect the wearer from injury and reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. But just wearing it is only half the battle; a fact that is very often overlooked is that it’s just as important to ensure that workwear is properly maintained so that it performs to maximum efficiency at all times; and that means it is the duty of both the individual and employer to make sure all types of workwear are kept clean, hygienic and fit for purpose. Read More

If a machine or system is expected to produce potentially hazardous overtravel movements, a combination of safety interlock on the guard and standstill monitor in the switch cabinet can provide the requisite level of safety. The SSW303HV is the Schmersal Group’s latest sensorless standstill monitor, offering a significant improvement over its AZR and FWS series predecessors. Read More