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The Coronavirus Pandemic sent shockwaves through the world in 2020, both in terms of its human toll and economic impact. While we are still nowhere near the end of the stay-at-home era, newly approved vaccines give us a timetable for when we can expect to get back to work in the way we used to, or otherwise resume some of the activities we took for granted. However, when the public is finally able to safely dine indoors, go to the movies, or resume normal work operations, concern around contagious diseases will linger in the back of our minds. Read More

Metrel is one of very few companies that develops and manufactures its products at a single location in Slovenia, starting with design and ending with final assembly, quality control and calibration. From its UK office in Epsom, Surrey, Metrel UK supplies its leading range of measuring and testing equipment to customers across the country, as well as providing repair, adjustment and calibration services. Read More

The year was 1973, when Karndean Designflooring started their journey to create premium, luxury vinyl flooring with a focus on design and quality to set them apart from their competitors. As their company grew over the years, their need for more space became a demand which could not be ignored. The year is now 2020, and for Kardean Designflooring this was the year they contacted Total Interiors to help realise their vision for a spacious, high-end office space and training academy. Read More