Plas-fit: The premium water fittings that everyone’s talking about

In this issue of Industry Update, we’re delighted to select Plas-fit UK Ltd as our Water Fittings Company of the Month.

The longevity of Polyethylene Pipes (PE)
Over thirty years ago, the UK PE pipe had its defining watershed moment, when Severn Trent Water declared it frontrunner for extended design life following extensive testing. PE pipes are distinguishable by leading built-in durability, corrosion and chemical-resistance features, coupled with lightweight, easy handling and installation. Ergonomically designed for toughness, the pipes are able to withstand ground movement without cracking and the smooth interior surface ensures fluid flow, while simultaneously reducing the chance of blockages. With a long service life surpassing fifty years, PE pipes are integral to the circular economy and with its recyclable features, offer a sustainable construction practice moving forward.

Leading water fittings for PE pipes
Safe drinking water is a leading priority for homes and businesses across the UK, therefore having access to WRAS-approved water fittings help comply with stringent water fittings regulations.

As part of our spotlight feature on emerging UK wholesale building materials, we spoke to Managing Director and Chairman of Plas-fit UK, Ian Grant, to find out more about the company’s rise and future trajectory.

“We have been supplying our leading WRAS-approved fittings in Germany and The Netherlands for decades, where PE pipes are commonly used for domestic, industrial and commercial buildings for over sixty years. Over the years, we developed our range to meet the very high German certification standards.

“Historically, the existing UK Water Fittings market for PE pipes has been well catered for by a few established companies. To successfully break into this market, we knew we needed a strategic triangular approach: superior products, huge warehouse stock investment and customer-centric philosophy at the heart of operations.

“In November 2023, we took a leap of faith and launched our range to the UK market at the National Drainage Show.

“Seven months in and you can now buy Plas-fit UK products all across the country, solidly backed up by our centrally located warehouse in Stoke-On-Trent, ensuring reliable next-day delivery. This location gives unrivalled connections to the rest of the UK, with close proximity to the M6 for road transport links. We have our own transport and can quickly deliver to customers, on the same day if needed.

“We’ve been bowled over by huge scale of response, with enquiries even coming in from national groups and water companies. Looking ahead, we’re looking to build-up our network of traders/merchants further and are particularly interested to hear from interested parties in Northern Ireland.”

The secret to success: quality water fittings
During the recent Utility Week Live back in May, Plas-fit was a Top Exhibitor and magnet for new and existing customers.

“We are market disrupters, for a long time the UK has been dominated by two suppliers but we now offer an alternative product supply, mirroring the success in Germany and The Netherlands.

“We supply an extensive product portfolio of WRAS-approved fittings including: 250/350 series, universal fittings, stop cocks, pipe liners and spare parts and tools. Our universal fittings are particularly popular, due to its small, compact design, which allow for minimal disruption across all jobs.

“Unlike the more established companies which ship the products from as far afield as Australia and Israel, Plas-fit UK manufactures the majority of its products in the Greek region of Cyprus.

“Not only does the shipping avoid delays due to geo-political hotspots but the carbon footprint is dramatically lower: a huge advantage to European-based manufacturing.

“We’ve been inundated by enquires after exhibiting at the National Drainage Show and Utility Week Live, proving that we’re not just the new kids on the block but we’re here for the long-term.”

Want to find out more about the extensive range of water fittings for PE pipes from Plas-fit?

Contact: Andrew Day, Director of Operations
T +44 (0)1782 894912