Anti-fatigue mats help to protect your workforce

Standing at work for long periods can put excessive pressure on muscles and joints, leading to back and joint pain, muscle tension and problems with circulation.

Leading mat manufacturer Kleen-Tex has created a range of anti-fatigue mats which can help reduce the pressure of standing on hard floors for long periods.

From multi-purpose rubber foam cushioning mats to soft nylon surface mats for extra comfort under foot, there is a mat to suit any workstation.

“Our mats can be used in the toughest industrial environments and are great work horses, but we can also cater for those who need to consider the aesthetic appearance of their premises,” said Commercial Director, Nick Coward.

It’s also possible to incorporate a strong brand or health and safety message into many Kleen-Tex ranges, making them extremely versatile for use throughout a building, from greasy workshops to smart offices.

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