Direct engine parts from the manufacturer to your door

In this issue of Industry Update, we are proud to announce Gen-C as our Gas Engine Support Specialist Company of the Year.
Gen-C’s team of knowledgeable experts and consultants distribute high quality parts, systems and upgrades for critical power applications. Gen-C is the exclusive UK distributor of genuine Motortech and RS Motor parts, systems and upgrades for static gas-powered engine applications and work with leading gas engine brands such as MWM, Jenbacher, MAN and Liebherr, providing a range of products from spark plugs, AFR mixers, ignition controllers, open-access (ComAp-based) control panels, to full engine and control system upgrades.

Founded in 2012, Gen-C is a privately-owned company based in South Yorkshire, UK. The company’s 20 years’ experience has granted them superior industry knowledge to provide a range of products that successfully provide solutions to customers’ needs.

Offering advanced, open-access CHP control panels with remote access as standard, Gen-C’s technical back-up and spare parts service is among the best in the industry. Since COVID-19, the demand for remote access onsite control panels has increased and Gen-C has been on hand to help. Offering an extended lifespan, value for money and a fresh approach, Gen-C were able to help on-farm AD operator Springvale Energies to break free from a monthly CHP service contract by upgrading the control panels, overhauling the engine, and supplying parts and servicing on a pay-as-you-go basis. This resulted in not only giving farmer Nigel Bloom control of his own engine but also reducing his service and maintenance costs by 50%.

Gen-C have had a remarkable start to 2021, with its 2020-year end results more than doubling previous years. Gen-C has taken on two new members of staff and moved into a premises three times the size of its previous location. “We have increased inventories by 100%, which has doubled from £200,000 to £450,000. International orders have increased, and we have recently invested heavily in stock meaning our customers can receive their orders quicker and all in one go, rather than in single itemised orders. Currently, we are witnessing a global semi-conductor shortage within the industry, however, because we have increased our stock levels and planned ahead, we believe this will not affect us in comparison to our competitors,” stated James Thompson, Managing Director.

“We see our customers as partners; we give free standard and technical support after installation. We are trusted within the industry and our customer support and service will always remain at the heart of the business,” said James.

In the future, Gen-C is looking to take on bigger projects, diversify its services to packaging whole gensets and roll out end technology to supply engines with alternators and containers. As the business grows, its product innovation will be key. As well as continuing to offer ongoing support to its customers, they excel at giving them the freedom to access their control panels without being locked out.

James explained how he felt receiving our award: “We are incredibly excited; our entire team is very happy for the recognition. We are only doing our jobs at the end of the day, but we are extremely proud.”

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