Endless manufacturing possibilities with Global Precision Ltd

In this issue of Industry Update, we have selected Global Precision Ltd as our Contract Manufacturer Company of the Month.

Global Precision Ltd is an industry leading, West Yorkshire based contract manufacturer that provides unrivalled manufacturing capabilities, through a combination of UK and China based manufacturing.

Global Precision Ltd was established in 2009 by Andrew Sale. “Andrew set up the company after having a history working in tooling and manufacturing. He previously worked for an agency which facilitated UK companies with sourcing manufacturing in the Far East. Andrew saw an opportunity to create a link between the UK and China and launched Global Precision Ltd to serve the UK market and provide manufacturing in the UK and China,” added Darren Webb, Sales Manager.

The company’s UK facility is based in Haworth, West Yorkshire. Haworth is a quaint, beautiful village with a rich heritage and history. Renowned for its association with the Brontë sisters, Haworth’s charm, beautiful, cobbled streets and stone buildings, provides Global Precision Ltd with a picturesque, hub of culture, history and opportunity.

Global Precision Ltd excels in its flexibility and can provide everything from initial concept and design, to bringing your project into fruition. Global Precision Ltd has the skills, resources and tools to fulfil a multitude of manufacturing needs.

“We are a UK company that our customers can trust and feel protected, and we have the advantage of extensive manufacturing and assembly capabilities in China through our own factory where we employ an experienced team of project managers, engineers, quality control and production staff.  This synergy between the UK and China positions us with the ability to make anything. From company’s which require small elements to support them in their manufacturing, or entrepreneurs and start-ups where they want us to make the entire product; we can do both and everything in between. We can offer a full turnkey solution. A lot of companies will start off with one element and then build and build, and will end up doing more, but it’s having that agility and that flexibility, which is one of our key strengths. Our bespoke management system which is mirrored across both sides of the business allows us to successfully draw on both UK and China resources, offering our customers a combined and tailored, multi-discipline solution while maintaining full protection of their IP.” said Darren.

Global Precision Ltd, provide manufacturing solutions for a broad range of market sectors including automotive, medical, PPE, industrial products, commercial products and much more. Tooling and injection moulding is the main core business for the company’s UK manufacturing but Global Precision Ltd is not limited to injection moulding and can support most other plastic and metal manufacturing processes.

In regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, initially Global Precision Ltd felt the repercussions of certain sectors, such as automotive, virtually stopping overnight. Fortunately, other market sectors which the company has always worked in such as PPE, increased during this time. Darren stated, “Where we had a downturn in one market sector, we had an enormous upturn in the other, so one was able to offset the other.”

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