Finpromach Ltd improves your process efficiency and operator safety

Finpromach Ltd, established 2018, uses 25 years of industry experience to represent equipment from prestigious manufacturers from the UK, Europe and USA including Palamatic, Gericke, Andocksysteme, Austar UK, LAST Technology, Vac-U-Max and Hallins.

Operating in the fields of Powder and Materials handling, Containment, Isolation, Washing and Sterilisation widely used in regulated industries such as Pharma, Food and Chemical.

Recently developed with Palamatic, was a new fully automatic Atex compliant sack opener to replace conventional manual sack tipping stations.

The PAL F-AST (Palamatic Fully Automatic Sack Tip) occupies a small footprint and addresses problems of manually handling and opening sacks. Operators can process a range of sacks without concern of manual handling contravention (HSE) and exposure to dust potentially hazardous to health (COSHH).

The PAL F-AST opens sacks at 1-5 minute within a dust tight cabinet, then compacts the emptied sack into a polythene tube for easy waste sack removal.

Complementary ancillaries include vacuum sack lifter, robotic infeed, explosion mitigation, size reduction, powder grading, rotary valves, CIP, drying and a conveying system for the next stage of the process such as mixing.

Using equipment from Finpromach improves house-keeping, process efficiency, manual handling, operator safety, especially when dealing with dusty or toxic compounds.

Finished product quality is ensured to limit wastage from contaminated batches of product, whether that be pure printing inks, injectable vaccines, or food ingredients.

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