Gold & Wassall Hinges launches brand new website

Gold & Wassall Hinges has established itself at the forefront of the industry since its inception over 200 years ago. With its manufacturing facilities situated in Tamworth in Staffordshire, Gold & Wassall provides an impressive range of services for design, production and manufacture of hinges, all produced in house and distributed throughout the whole of the UK. Boasting an enviable reputation within the industry, the company has positioned itself firmly as the UK’s number one manufacturer of hinges.

Gold & Wassall has provided its services to various customers throughout its years in operation and serviced customers from construction to engineering companies. With a proven track record of quality, reliability and durability, Gold & Wassall ensures it maintains complete control over the design and high quality of its goods.

We asked Scott Bareham Sales and Marketing Manager at Gold & Wassall what makes the company stand out and how would he describe its services.

“All our hinges are manufactured in house, in our purpose-built facility in Tamworth, Staffordshire. We have been manufacturing hinges for over 200 years using a mixture of tried and trusted methods along with modern technology. Our offer of a bespoke hinge service enables us to manufacture any hinge for any application, and as we have over 200 years’ experience, we are greatly knowledgeable in what we do. Our services portray the highest quality ensuring each product goes through a rigorous testing procedure and receives the upmost attention to detail. We pride ourselves on or customer service and treat every customer fairly and with respect.”

In keeping with the company’s goal of providing unrivalled customer service, Gold & Wassall also provides an abundance of finishing options for its customers. The company is dedicated to providing not only durable, high-quality hinges, but also to understanding the importance of an aesthetically pleasing, customised design. In light of this, the company is able to customise colour, add branding and create a smooth premium finish to all products. Gold & Wassall Hinges’ array of finishing options are the perfect complement for its hinges to create a smooth premium finished look.

Going into 2024, Gold & Wassall is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new website.

“The new website has been a long-term project. Initially, the website needed updating for technological and security reasons, however we thought it would be a good idea to give everything a freshen up. As well as detailing all of the usual information, we have also now made it possible to download CAD drawings and 3D models of each hinge. Furthermore, we have introduced our new “Hinge Finder” which allows the user to narrow down suitable hinges based on their required dimensions. This will help customers utilise our full range of hinges, showing hinges that they might not have found or considered previously,” added Scott.

On the website you will find their complete range of hinges from continuous/piano hinges, butt and backflap hinges and standard, to heavy duty and bespoke made to order hinges. Using the company’s automatic section which contains eight lines of automated machines, Gold & Wassall is able to make hinges quicker and to almost any length. The company also maintains the specialist tooling for these machines which can complete multiple operations in each press.

Please note: Gold & Wassall is the only hinge company whose hinges are UK made and all of Gold & Wassall Hinges’ stock is available for immediate dispatch.

As a new year begins, we asked Scott what in store for the company in 2024 and beyond.

“In 2024 we hope to continue to strengthen following the pandemic and period of economic uncertainty. We are also looking to expand on our growing relationships with overseas customers as well as further grow our UK customer base.”

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