HSM: 50 years of environmental technology innovations

In this issue of Industry Update, we have selected HSM GmbH + Co. KG as our Environmental Technology Company of the Month.

HSM was established in 1971 by Hermann Schwelling and is a market leading provider of products and services in environmental technology and office technology. HSM develops, produces and sells products and systems for pressing recyclable materials, shredding paper and electronic data carriers.

The company maintains its headquarters in Frickingen near Lake Constance in the south of Germany, a second production site in Salem nearby and another in Reichenbach in the east of Germany. HSM provides its products on a global scale, with partners in more than 100 countries worldwide and subsidiaries in the UK, France, Spain, Poland, China and the US.

HSM offers a product range of vertical and horizontal baling presses, as well as semi and fully automatic baling presses. The company also manufactures specialised solutions for emptying, perforating, crushing and compressing PET bottles.

HSM’s environmental technologies products all have one goal, which is to deal with waste materials ecologically and economically. HSM baling presses, compress packaging waste up to 95% into compact & heavy bales.

“We are the only manufacturer to offer the entire range of powerful and economic baling presses ‘Made in Germany’ – vertical, horizontal and fully automatic,” added Christina Fallnich, Head of Marketing.

HSM has established itself as a one-stop service supplier with a dense consulting and service network across Europe and all over the world. The company provides a full solution for its customers, from consulting on selecting the right press for a customers’ specific application, to individual projecting of system development and supporting the press operation. The team of experts at HSM not only understand the interplay of a wide variety of technologies, but they are forward thinking in their approach, with one main goal in mind: process optimisation.

A notable range is HSM’s vertical baling presses: the V-Press series, which are ideal for industry, manufacturing and trade processes due to their size, cost and performance features. A recent addition to this range is the HSM V-Press 860 TimeSave, which can decrease the volume of recyclable material by up to 95%. In addition, utilising its automatic hydraulic lift and tilt device, filling the HSM V-Press 860 TimeSave with a collection trolley takes only a few seconds, providing a fast, easy to use and efficient solution, with an added value of providing significant savings in time and staff.

In regards to recent developments, HSM has just celebrated its impressive 50th anniversary and has many plans in place to ensure the continuation of its success story into the future.
Christina expanded, “HSM has expanded its management team in January 2021, with two new managing directors, formerly long-standing divisional managers, who have therefore been supporting Mr Hermann Schwelling, who was the only managing director of HSM up until then. Mr Harald Schwelling, the son of the company founder and head of production for many yearstook over the management of the areas of technology (existing products), production, logistics and buildings. Jan-Peter Krupczynski, who has been with HSM for 15 years and who most recently headed environmental technology sales and product management, took over the management of sales and marketing, customer services and subsidiaries.”

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