Japanese bearings find a UK base

Oxfordshire-based specialist bearings supplier, SMB bearings, has been appointed as the UK’s official distributor for EZO bearings. Sapporo Precision, a Japanese bearing manufacturer, has a fifty-year history of supplying precision bearings around the world. Now SMB Bearings is bringing Sapporo’s EZO bearing range to the British market.

Sapporo Precision has a deserved reputation for quality and reliability. The company has invested heavily in advanced, fully automated manufacturing facilities in Ashibetsu in Japan and Shanghai in China.

Sapporo Precision manufactures miniature bearings, thin section bearings and stainless steel bearings. The company guarantee a high precision product thanks to advanced production techniques and the high levels of quality control. These bearings are used in applications including aerospace, medical, machine tools, inverters, instrumentation, food processing and robotics.

“As specialists, we have a high level of expertise that allows us to give customers better service and technical support backed up by Sapporo Precision.” explained Chris Johnson, Managing Director of SMB Bearings.

The SMB bearing range is highly specialised and comprises miniature bearings, corrosion resistant bearings and thin section bearings. For the full SMB Bearings catalogue, please visit the website or click here to download from the SMB Bearings website.

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