Leaders in eCommerce solutions

In this issue of Industry Update, we are pleased to announce Worldwide Logistics Group as our Logistics Service Provider Company of the Month.

Established in 1998, Worldwide Logistics Group (WWL) was founded in New York as a joint venture between a freight forwarding veteran and a local trucking company. Over the years the company has expanded exponentially and today provides sophisticated integrated logistics solutions for more than 7,000 companies in more than 100 countries and is well-respected as a global leader in transport and logistics.

Providing end-to-end logistics, WWL Group offers a complete range of services to support its customers’ needs using its vast network of global offices and trusted partners. Its comprehensive list of solutions includes Air Freight Logistics, Sea Freight Logistics, Land and Road Services, Customs House Brokerage, E-Commerce Logistics, and Warehousing and Fulfilment.

In 2018, Glenn Hayes joined together with WWL Group to head up its UK offices as the Managing Director. Headquartered in Dagenham, its other UK offices are based in Birmingham, Billingborough, London/Heathrow, and Scunthorpe. WWL Group UK started off with a bigger mission in mind which was to service customers who were active in doing reworks and remedial. “It was about adding value to the supply chain, and making sure waste wasn’t ending up in landfill. There is a huge amount of waste in the logistics industry, and intrinsically because of the growth of ecommerce, its only getting worse. So effectively, we set up WWL Group UK in 2018 to service this need and since then we have grown dramatically. We now do huge amounts of 3PL and freight forwarding, so our mission statement has slightly changed from where we started to where we are now, but it still formulates a large part of what we do,” said Glenn.

As specialists in logistics and 3PL, the biggest competitive advantage WWL Group UK offer is its ability to be able to integrate with many different sales platforms. “We can seamlessly integrate various services and features into our customers websites and still be big enough to be able to scale their business. We have found ourselves in a small niche where we can help many clients on the fact that we buffer a return to remedial service and offer a full scope of services across UK and Europe,” explained Glenn.

Serving a range of vertical markets that include fashion, renewable energy, events, hospitality and retail infrastructure, chemical, pharma, and food, WWL Group UK has recently set up a new office in Poland. Boasting 105,000 sq.ft, it includes 10 dock doors, a large yard, 6T floor loading, and a 24/7 365 operation. The warehouse will be used for rework and remedial services such as refurbishment, relabelling, repacking, reprocessing, spare parts management and more. Its warehousing activities include Amazon fulfilment and drip feeding, and its pick pack and dispatch services include seller fulfilled prime, fulfilment by merchant, double scan verification on every order, and integration with eCommerce platform.

In the future, WWL Group UK is keen to expand taking on new sites in India and Africa whilst increasing its customer base. The company has received incredible growth since restrictions loosened from COVID-19 and is set for an even brighter and more successful future.

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