Ocean Insights rules the waves

Industry Update is delighted to announce as our Global Logistics Company of the Month, Ocean Insights, for its unwavering dedication to bringing the ocean freight industry the most innovative and efficient solutions.

The practices that shipping companies depend on to record data, track containers and update transportation management systems (TMS) are growing increasingly outdated. With a notable number of companies still relying on manual processes to orchestrate the logistics of their overseas operations, the ocean freight industry is beginning to wane. However, hope is not lost. Ocean Insights has developed a data driven solution designed to ease the process of ocean freight transportation.

Shippers and freight forwarders must adhere to rigid timetables and organisational intricacies in order to maintain the smooth running of freight operations. Ocean Insights has developed two innovative software programmes that take on the burden of maintaining supply chain visibility. Through close working relationships with Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs), Ocean Insights has observed the complexities of current supply chain logistics systems and learned of where they fall short.

The solutions that Ocean Insights provides offer a wealth of benefits that simply cannot be obtained via manual processes. By consolidating and evaluating global data Ocean Insights allows users to optimise their inventory and allocate resources more appropriately, ultimately saving unprecedented amounts of money. The Container Track & Trace software notifies users of any changes in status, for example approaching the point of departure (POD) or delay warnings etc. All of the data gathered by the software is in real time, which ensures that all information gathered is relevant.

Through Ocean Insights, users can compare a shipper or freight forwarder’s actual service with the one promised to identify how efficient a company is. Subsequently, if a company is falling short of its promises, the Ocean Insights customer can gain greater leverage when negotiating future contracts with that company.

Another significant facet of using Ocean Insights is the savings that can be made on demurrage and detention costs. As is often the case, demurrage and detention costs can occur as a result of incompetence on the freight company’s part as opposed to the customer themselves. Subsequently customers can end up paying extortionate daily rates for mistakes they didn’t make. With Ocean Insights, the potential for this happening is almost eradicated.

Ocean Insights is always looking to further develop its software, ensuring that the customer is always receiving the most up to date technology. With a team of experts and data analysists Ocean Insights has the capacity to produce the most innovative of solutions. After having notable success throughout the European and Asian markets, the company plans on expanding its reach to the USA. With the company already having some business in the USA, there is a definite foundation upon which to build.

Ocean Insights offers the most updated processes and technology, giving its customers the opportunity to maximise profits and minimise human error. Companies such as Ocean Insights are rethinking the manner in which we do things, and pushing the boundaries of business capability to their limits. The future for Ocean Insights looks nothing but bright.

For more information on Ocean Insights, visit its website or get in touch via the details listed below.

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