Process control in grinding technology

A well-balanced grinding wheel means a reduction in machine spindle vibration, bringing a multitude of benefits, including extended spindle, bearing, wheel and dresser life, improved part geometry and surface finish. The ACCRETECH SBS Dynamic Balance System constantly monitors spindle vibration and automatically compensates for unbalance in the grinding wheel, working to pre-set vibration tolerances. The Dynamic Balance System can be incorporated by an OEM into a new grinding machine, or easily retrofitted to an existing machine by a grinding machine end user.

A new level of machine process monitoring
With an emphasis on self-teaching, the ACCRETECH SBS ExactControl™ system brings a new level of machine process monitoring and control to grinding machine users. “With the ExactControl™ card, acoustic emission, power, spindle current, vibration, temperature, torque and speed, can be used individually or in parallel for process monitoring. Grinding cycle data is saved automatically to the system,” explains Tim Wood, General Manager at ACCRETECH SBS.

The ExactControl™ system can accept up to eight acoustic emission sensor inputs using expansion modules; it can monitor two of these synchronously. For complex processes, multiple channels can be started independently.

Acoustic emission sensors reduce air grind time
ACCRETECH SBS will also display acoustic emission sensor options, including rotary in-spindle, ring, and bolt-on types for different grinding and dressing applications. All ACCRETECH SBS acoustic emission sensors are designed to offer maximum sensitivity while surviving in the hostile wet zone environment of a production grinding machine. The acoustic emission sensors can be combined with either the ExactControl™ process control system or with a dedicated ACCRETECH SBS acoustic emission monitoring system called AEMSTM.

In-line measuring devices reveal the smallest defects in real-time
ACCRETECH SBS will also show an in-process measuring head dedicated for outside diameter (MOD gauge) as well as the in-process measuring head for internal diameter. The showpiece for ID measurement will be the Pulcom V4 controller running Gamma 3 measurement heads with its unique Flex Finger. “The advantage is obvious: the flexible contact finger reduces setup changing time from three minutes to one minute. This enables also users who are reluctant to perform gauge setup to use the unit,” says Janos Kudett, Regional Director Eastern Europe at ACCRETECH.

With the growing use of HSK and CAPTO type automatic tool changers on grinding machines, the ATC run-out detection system can monitor for abnormal run-out of a workpiece and triggers the machine stop function before any processing defects occur. The ATC run-out detection system is designed for harsh production environments in machine tools. The sensor is coolant resistant, operates in a temperature window of 0 to 40°C and has a vibration resistance of maximum 3.66G in the X-, Y- and Z-axis.
In November 2019, Tosei America Inc, USA, a subsidiary of Tosei Engineering Corp, Japan, acquired the SBS balancer product line from Schmitt Industries Inc, USA and renamed the company ACCRETECH SBS Inc, USA. Its subsidiary Schmitt Europe Ltd in the UK, will in turn soon change its name to ACCRETECH SBS Europe Ltd.

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