Rack-based cooling with cooling capacity of up to 32

Stulz UK launches the CyberRack, a new chilled water rear heat exchanger, with cooling capacity from 19 to 32kW across the range. Its adapter frame ensures the system fits most 19” server cabinets.

Stulz is expanding its product portfolio for rack-based cooling systems with the CyberRack Active Rear Door. The heat exchanger door replaces the back panel of the rack, and its compact design enables the cooling of all server cabinets, including high-density systems, directly inside the data centre. The space in the rack remains fully available for IT equipment.

As the depth of the rack increases by less than 300mm, the door can also be retrofitted in existing installations – no repositioning of server racks is needed. Two versions of this product are available, with a cooling capacity of 19 or 32kW. Up to five EC fans ensure an optimum airflow. Thanks to its individual adapter frame, the CyberRack can be installed in all commonly available 19” cabinets. The frame models are available in heights of 42U and 48U, and widths of 600mm and 800mm.

The cooling capacity of the CyberRack is automatically adapted to the heat load of the servers. This is achieved either directly through continuous analysis of the measured temperatures, or indirectly via differential pressure control. In this instance, the speed of the CyberRack fans is adjusted in line with the airflow of the servers’ own fans.

By mounting the heat exchanger door directly on the rack, the transfer of heat takes place inside the server cabinet – isolated from the ambient environment. This allows a considerably higher temperature on the air and chilled water side than in other room cooling systems, where the heat is first emitted into the room and then cooled. Most of the cooling can be delivered by means of Free Cooling. Combined with a chiller such as the Stulz CyberCool 2, compressor cooling is only required to cover the peaks.

In addition to its use as a standalone solution, the CyberRack can also be used as an add-on for precision air conditioning systems with raised floor.

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