Spotlight on Quirepace: Innovation in vacuum and conveying technology

In this issue of Industry Update, we have selected Quirepace Ltd as our Vacuum & Conveying Technology Company of the Month.

Quirepace design, manufacture and supply a diverse range of industrial vacuum cleaners, pneumatic tube systems and a range of exhauster and blowers, providing proven products with carefully designed solutions to deliver outstanding benefits to its customers. Utilising its years of experience and expertise, Quirepace is equipped with the skills and knowledge to best interpret its customers’ requirements and aspirations, to bring them into fruition offering first-class products, systems and services.

Quirepace was established in 1983 to continue the pneumatic tube system business of Rediffusion Business Machines, which has deep roots. When it was formed in Gosport, several of the original team were working or had worked for Lamson Engineering, also based in Gosport, which was the direct descendant of Lamson Pneumatic Tube Company incorporated in the UK in 1899.

Pneumatic tube systems for transporting small payloads still remain at the core of the company’s business. The largest UK market is in the Hospital and Healthcare sector, but many installations are carried out within a wide range of sectors including: Industry, Manufacturing and Retail, for transporting everything from samples, to jewellery, to paperwork – in fact anything that will fit inside a carrier.

Moving forward, in 2007 Quirepace bought out the Company which was the descendent of Lamson, by then owned by the South African organisation Barloworld. The acquisition brought with it the British Vacuum Cleaner brand, which was directly descended from the British Vacuum Cleaner Company incorporated by Hubert Cecil Booth in 1903 to exploit his patented innovation, the first mechanically-powered vacuum cleaner.

During the 20th Century HC Booth’s company continued to sell industrial vacuum cleaners under the BVC brand, and domestic machines of many different types under the Goblin brand.

Gaining a sterling reputation, today the BVC brand is synonymous with traditional British engineered and manufactured heavy duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, with a range of vacuum pumps and blowers supplied as both stand-alone units and as OEM components to other manufacturers to incorporate into their own products.

From its modern offices and attached manufacturing and storage facility located in Fareham, Hampshire, Quirepace is well equipped to provide its customers with a turn key service, ensuring the highest levels of customer support. While some manufacturing processes are subcontracted, Quirepace have their own press and machine shop making the various pressings and components used in the range.

BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners span a range from 1kW to 15kW, and are available in various classifications including machines for hazardous dusts and ATEX environments. While there is a core range of standard specifications, the company boasts the ability to configure units to meet customers’ particular requirements, not only with choices such as filter material, hose size and length and type of tool, but also for customisations such as PLC interfaces to integrate equipment into manufacturing production lines and processes.

BVC equipment doesn’t just include the ranges of portable vacuum cleaners. Quirepace also supply, under the BVC brand, fixed Central Vacuum Cleaning installations for industry where fixed pipework is connected to a central vacuum and collection unit.

In terms of its latest developments, one of the more recent additions to the Quirepace portfolio is the Electric Track Vehicle monorail systems from Telelift Logistics for which Quirepace are UK agents. This rail-based intralogistics system can transport payloads up to 45kg both horizontally and vertically throughout a facility, and is designed to integrate with automated processes with automatic load/unload and integration with SCADA, WMS etc.

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