Suurmond UK and Dynisco join forces

Suurmond UK Limited are delighted to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with word leading manufacturer of melt temperature and pressure transducers and polymer analysis equipment Dynisco. With their European headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, Dynisco have been, for many years, at the cutting edge of melt pressure and temperature measurement and Melt Flow Indexing machines.

Our agreement will mean that Suurmond are able to support new and existing users of Dynisco sensors with UK based stock of common units and customer specific sensors.

We will also be supporting Dynisco with expanding their influence in the polymer analyser market. Polymer analysers allow operators of compounding and recycling lines to get ‘real time’ viscosity values during production.

Founded in 1953, Dynisco is committed to helping customers and providing the tools and services for the polymer industry that give customers a “window into the process”.

Today’s customers require accurate information that will allow them to validate and if necessary, adjust their process ensuring the products they make meet or exceed their specifications. The information Dynisco provides allows our ​customers to keep their process consistent regardless of their global locations.

Post-BREXIT Suurmond are delighted to be able to support Dynisco with efficiently accessing the UK market.

Contact: Laurence Fletcher
T +44 (0)1386 423756