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Within this issue of Industry Update we have selected Manitou UK as our specialist manufacturer of Professional Handling Equipment Company of the Month.

Established in 1958 by Marcel Braud, Marcel discovered a passion for machinery and as a French engineer, he dreamt up the idea of a novel machine. Marcel reversed the design of a farm tractor and added a lift mast and hydraulic steering to it. Thus, the first rough-terrain forklift was born, leading to the enormous success of the company and ultimately launching Manitou to become a world leader in rough terrain handling, generating revenues of €1.9 billion in 2018 alone.

Manitou UK is a subsidiary of the Manitou Group, based in Verwood, Dorset on the South Coast. The Manitou head office and main manufacturing facility is located in Ancenis, Western France.

There are a further 10 production sites in France, USA, Italy, Brazil and India and further subsidiaries located in Southern and Northern Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East totalling 28.

The Manitou Group designs, manufactures, distributes and ensures the service of material handling, access platform and earthmoving equipment for construction, agriculture and industries. All of Manitou Group’s products are created to enhance production for the operative and reduce the total cost ownership for the customer. “Machines are designed to reduce downtime, maximise service intervals, be high quality and reliable, and have maximum retained value (low depreciation). We also work closely with the end customer to ensure the machine is efficient in the task it is designed for, and comfortable for the driver. ‘Internet Connected Machine’ status, for all compatible machines manufactured from mid-2019 onward, provides users, owners and fleet managers with real-time operational information,” says Chloé Tapp, Marketing Executive.

Providing a range of products and equipment, Manitou Group maintains a range of equipment adaptable and diverse for many industries. Manitou Group’s equipment includes telehandlers, master forklift trucks, truck mounted forklifts, warehousing equipment, aerial work platforms, articulated loaders, Skid and track loaders, backhoe loaders and compact loaders.

“Our customer type depends on the product.” Chloé stated that, “telehandlers are sold to the agricultural and construction sectors. Agricultural customers are usually farmers while our construction customers are usually owners of rental fleets. Industrial forklifts and warehouse products are sold into small to medium sized warehouses and single forklift users and our Skidsteer loaders are sold into all market sectors, be they agricultural or construction. Truck-mounted forklifts are sold into the logistics industry.”

A notable feature with Manitou Group’s products is that all of its machines are now supplied as connected machines as standard – meaning that they are connected to the internet. Through this connectivity it enables operators to gain insight into their machines and how they can optimise productivity.

“There are three Apps designed for customers to help them get the best out of their machines. MyManitou (and MyGehl) are user apps for users of small numbers of machines.” Chloé explained. ”They provide key current data about the machines, which includes location, fuel level, and service status amongst other things. The third App, called EasyManager, is for fleet users and gives full visibility of the machine status of machine fleets. An API option allows data to be integrated into fleet customer’s existing fleet management software if required. The tool also allows dealers to remotely check machine status, prior to attending a service request, to ensure they come prepared with all necessary tools and spare parts to conclude the service in a single visit.”

With a strong stance on being at the forefront of handling equipment innovation, we spoke once more with Chloé about the aspirations and future plans for the company, she told us that, “By 2022, Manitou Group will strengthen its leadership around the world through its cutting-edge, innovative solutions and the expansion of its product and service offering. By constantly providing its customers with added value, the group will continue to expand its commercial presence to increase its market share and deliver sustainable growth.”

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