The infrastructure for tomorrow’s 112G speeds

Today’s speeds demand smarter solutions. Find out how Molex can help design effective and efficient solutions for your growing data needs of the future. Molex is leveraging industry knowledge and expertise to bring you the data rate needs of the future.

BiPass I/O Backplane Cable Assemblies
BiPass I/O Backplane Cable Assemblies combine QSFP+, Impel or near-ASIC connectors with twinax cables to deliver a low-insertion-loss solution that serves as a PCB alternative to enable implementation of the 56 Gbps PAM-4 protocol.

QSFP-DD Interconnect System and Cable Assemblies
QSFP-DD Interconnect System’s 8-lane electrical interface transmits up to 28 Gbps NRZ or 56 Gbps PAM-4, up to 200 or 400 Gbps aggregate, with the same footprint as QSFP Interconnect, making them backwards compatible.

Impulse Orthogonal Direct Backplane Connectors and Cables
Molex Impulse Orthogonal Direct Backplane Connector provides data centre architects with a connector system that meets today’s needs while preparing the data centre for inevitable expansion in the future.

Impulse Interconnect System
Impulse Backplane Connector System supports data rates of 56 (NRZ) or 112 (PAM-4) Gbps with superior signal integrity, making it ideal for high-density data centre applications.

Mirror Mezzanine Connector
Footprint-compatible hermaphroditic Mirror Mezzanine Connectors lower application costs with stackable mating to support data speeds up to 56 Gbps per differential pair for telecommunications, networking and other applications.

NearStack High-Speed Connector System Cable Jumper Assemblies
NearStack High-Speed Connector System and Cable Jumper Assemblies use twinax cables to deliver a PCB alternative with superior signal integrity and low insertion loss while enabling implementation of 56 Gbps NRZ and a path to 112 Gbps PAM-4.