The Medical Waste Game Changer

This month at Industry Update, we are proud to announce Eurotec Environmental as our Waste Management Company of the Month for their innovative and highly successful solution to the waste management sector and their close work with the NHS.

The Duchess of York visiting Eurotec’s Plant at Whipps Cross Hospital in Oct 2017

Eurotec Environmental uses industry proven and market leading technologies to reduce an organisation’s waste and energy cost leading to improved sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint, therefore increasing the organisation’s compliance with environmental legislations.

Established in 2013 by Chairman Tony Burrows, Managing Director Terry Hewitt and Finance Director David Chappell, based in Latchingdon, Essex, Eurotec Environmental’s aim is to be the leading supplier of Waste Management solutions to the NHS and any other organisation in need of their specialist services.

We had chance to talk with Paul Barker General Manager at Eurotec Environmental about their waste management solution.

“Eurotec Environmental’s Sterilwave process, using the Bertin Sterilwave unit, is the most innovative and sustainable on-site medical waste treatment service seen by the NHS in over two decades. Our modern waste process intelligently grinds and then microwaves the waste into a sterile RDF that is safe to handle and is used as a high calorific fuel in Energy from Waste Plants.”

“Our solution is designed to treat a hospital’s Alternative Treatment (AT) and Offensive Waste (OW) streams (which make up around 80% of a hospitals total clinical waste output) on the producers premises. By reducing the volume of these waste streams by 80% on site, we reduce the collection of waste from the usual daily pick-ups by the traditional clinical waste contractors to one collection every two weeks. This reduces the hospitals ‘waste disposal’ carbon footprint by around 30%, significantly reduces waste vehicle movements on the hospital site, helps reduce air pollution and improves safety in and around the hospital environment.”

Eurotec Environmental’s solution also removes the need for incineration, a practice that is becoming increasingly unpopular in the UK due to the harsh pollutants that can be produced. By microwaving the resultant ground material, it is fully sterilised and can therefore be disposed of safely in the usual waste removal methods instead of being crudely burnt.

“Our service is a much more sustainable and more cost-effective method of managing a hospital’s clinical waste and provides significant safety and compliance benefits over what anyone else is doing right now.”

Their incredible success has led to more NHS sites taking on their system and the future is already primed to be full of success for Eurotec Environmental.

“In March, we agreed contracts with Bouygues E & S FM UK Limited to provide the UK’s largest Sterilwave Plant at the West Middlesex University Hospital which is part of the Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust. This Plant will become operational in late 2018 and will treat the hospital’s AT and OW initially before taking in the same waste streams from the Chelsea & Westminster hospital the following year.”

Recognising the positive attention events can bring to a company, Eurotec Environmental try to fit in shows whenever their busy schedule allows.
“We exhibited at the IHEEM Healthcare Estates event in Manchester in October where we showcased our Sterilwave service, focussing people’s attention on our first Sterilwave Plant at Whipps Cross Hospital. Having a proven site up and running is an important factor in convincing NHS decision makers that your product and service is genuine and deliverable and winning the prestigious Product Innovation Award at the show also helped, and now we are focusing on business generated from last year’s very successful event”

To find out more about Eurotec Environmental and the incredible work they are doing throughout the UK, visit their website today or alternatively to enquire about how their systems can support and manage your waste more efficiently and cost-effectively, use the following details to get in touch.

T + 44 (0)3303 112807