Transform your unit sortation with EuroSort

Industry Update is proud to announce that EuroSort has been selected as our Logistics Company of the Month, for its leading supply chain automation systems.

Established in 2001, EuroSort specialises in the manufacture of high-speed unit sortation systems for a variety of warehousing and distribution applications, including e-commerce order fulfilment, buy online pickup in store, returns processing, post and parcel sorting, store replenishment and more.

Thanks to their modular design, EuroSort’s automated sortation systems can be adapted to customers’ needs, offering a simple, and robust solution for improving productivity, accuracy and efficiency. “We design, manufacture and install high-speed unit sortation systems using efficient, space-saving designs at a higher quality and accuracy, with a smaller footprint than other automated sortation technology on the market,” explained Kasper Stoffels, Head of Marketing. “We can also provide maintenance, replacement and relocation services if required.”

As one of the last independent manufacturers of sortation systems in the sortation industry, EuroSort builds solutions that work for its customers. “Many of our tray designs are patented allowing for more accurate and efficient sortation,” Kasper said. “Our product range consists of proven sortation equipment that is in operation with over 300 customers in the world.

“Our strength lies in working with our customers to review their operations and come up with a solution that brings them a return on investment in roughly two to three years, although we have seen ROI of less than six months. It is about working with our customers to find the right solution for their challenges – that is how both EuroSort and more importantly our customers are successful.”

This collaborative approach has certainly helped EuroSort to expand over the last few years. “We are on a journey of growth. Three years ago we moved to a new facility to support this, and even in the last year during the global crisis, we were able to not only maintain but also grow our employee base thanks to our success,” said Kasper.

To build on this success, EuroSort is continuously looking for new solutions and innovative ideas to improve the logistic processes at its customers’ sites. “Often this is not about bringing a completely new product to market, but focusing on the details of the process and adjusting existing solutions or creating new concepts for that particular challenge. There is really no one size fits all in our line of work, and each customer will have their own challenges that our team of experts will happily look into and try to solve.”

This adaptability will likely ensure EuroSort’s future success as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the logistics industry. “Online shopping has exploded all over the world, and many companies have had to adapt to this new way of handling orders. This has had a knock-on effect on parcel handling in the supply chain. All these elements are now accelerating automation to cope with this changing world, and although it is hard to predict how COVID will develop over the next year, we now see an increased demand for automation.”

EuroSort will be exhibiting at IMHX in September, and its in-house integrator DistriSort will be at Intralogistex in May. The company will also be attending Promat DX, Logimat and Parcel+Post Expo, and welcomes visitors to its demo centres, Global HQ and North America HQ.

If you would like to find out more information on how EuroSort can help you, head to the website or get in touch directly using the contact details below.

T +31 (0) 88 88 77 425