UK based precision optics and optical material suppliers

UK based Global Optics (UK) Ltd., established in 1995 specialises in the supply of custom manufactured precision optical components and materials for use in the UV, Visible and Infrared spectrum.

The basic product range consists of optically coated and uncoated Lenses, Windows, Prisms, Filters and Optically Coated Mirrors all produced to customers own particular specifications from small quantities for research and development projects to small production quantities to many thousands of pieces for large volume production.

Global Optics (UK) Ltd., serves many different industries working in the UV, Visible and Infrared, ranging from medical, analytical, environmental, defence, robotic, underwater, gas, sensors, scanners, detectors, lasers, thermal imaging, camera systems and security to name but a few.
All components are fully inspected and tested using an extensive range of metrology instruments. Global Optics (UK) Ltd have 2 Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometers for measuring the optical transmission, Interferometer for measuring flatness, Trioptics Prism Master for measuring wedges and angles, Trioptics Spherometer for measuring radii, CHRocodile 2 DPS dual-channel sensor Precitec Optronik instrument stand-alone solution that enables non-contact thickness measurement, Keyence IM6000 and a Keyence IM8000 Non-Contact instrument for dimensional measurements.

The inspection and test equipment allows Global Optics (UK) Ltd., to track and trace all components using individual batch numbers so that the company complies with its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

The product lines are nonspecific and they cover such a large varied range of shapes and sizes in the form of aspherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses, mirrors, Beamsplitters, prisms, windows, domes, diffusers, filters, and reticles.
Global Optics (UK) Ltd welcomes new and challenging enquiries for new business opportunities.

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