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In this issue of Industry Update, we are proud to announce that we have chosen industry leaders, SEKO as our Dosing & Control Company of the Year.

SEKO designs, manufactures and supplies chemical dosing pumps, dispensing systems, and control units for the cleaning & hygiene, water treatment, and industrial processes markets. Offering a turnkey service, SEKO provides dedicated customer support from the design stage through to post-installation technical guidance, aligning with its mantra of ‘Your Choice, Our Commitment’ – when you make a choice to work with SEKO, the company provides a binding commitment to you and to your project.

SEKO is comprised of a team of passionate, dedicated Global Family of Professionals. The company places the utmost importance on listening to each of its Partners and is committed to deliver the right solution in the Hygiene, Water Treatment and Industrial Process markets.

This excellent service is based on over 40 years of experience. Established in 1976, SEKO’s headquarters is based in central Italy with numerous other locations across the globe. In fact, the opening of SEKO Colombia in 2020 marked the company’s 23rd worldwide subsidiary.

“SEKO products are renowned for their reliability, dosing precision and ease of use. We’re also becoming increasingly known for our integration of remote connectivity. SEKO serves three distinct sectors: Cleaning & Hygiene, Water Treatment and Industrial Processes.” Said James Norgate, International Marketing Manager.

SEKO’s products have a vast range of application uses, from food production to car wash, hospitals, transport hubs, schools, factories, offices, water-treatment plants, power generation, swimming pools and many more. Providing such a broad array of applications, SEKO also maintains an equally vast client base consisting of building and facilities managers, maintenance personnel and also chemical companies, from whom their clients often buy chemicals and dosing equipment as a package.

SEKO is also becoming increasingly known for its integration of remote connectivity and features IoT-enabled products in both its water-treatment and cleaning and hygiene product ranges.

“This includes SekoLink, our dedicated app for pool users that allows them to start and pause their equipment and view system status and chemical consumption 24/7 wherever they are.” James stated.

The SekoLink has been designed for the sole purpose of enabling users of SEKO devices to be able to control and access their device, from any location. Extremely intuitive, the SekoLink is an app that allows its users to monitor and view the health and condition of their SEKO device, giving them access to relevant parameters. Providing a whole host of user benefits including: 24/7 monitoring of your plant, health status monitoring, notifications, identifying issues immediately with fault alarms notifications, the ability to monitor more installations, ease of use and safe operations such as, critical parameters which can’t be changed. All of this is conveniently controlled through one single app and can monitor a variety of different kinds of devices.

A notable development for the company, SEKO was determined to respond to the needs of its customers during the pandemic and launched DispenserONE®, a revolutionary hand sanitizer system that combines high capacity (up to 25,000 doses between refills), automatic, touch-free electric motor-powered dispensing via a long-life electric dosing pump, meaning that its never out of service. It is also 100% drip free and maintains remote access to, and management of, data via smartphone.

Noticing the need of a secure, reliable and innovative hand sanitizing solution for public spaces , in a post-COVID-19 world, SEKO launched its DispenserONE®. With DispenserONE® placed at the entrance to a public space such as gyms, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and more, customers know immediately that their wellbeing is of top priority.

This innovative ground-breaking system utilizes leading technologies and maintains advanced features. The pump system allows for hundreds of thousands of doses, resulting in reassurance for its users, that the system will consistently dispense.

What’s more, the system is not only reliable for its owners and customers, it is also proven to be reliable against the transmission of viruses. Using its touchless technology, the system provides user protection and precision automatic sensor-activated delivery, ensuring the highest levels of hand hygiene. This precision ensures that each dispense is correctly placed into the hands of the individual, guaranteeing proper hand sanitation while also reducing wastage which is often associated with manually operated units.

The range of DispenserONE® consists of different models including: DispenserONE® Mini, DispenserONE® Flexi & Battery, DispenserONE® Flexi Thermoscan and the flagship product, the DispenserONE®.

The system allows operators to do away with brittle, low-capacity conventional dispensers and replace them with a permanent unit that requires virtually zero maintenance. With up to 50 times the capacity of a conventional dispenser, the DispenserONE® is ideal for airports, supermarkets, hospitals, shopping centres, sports stadiums, and countless other large-scale sites.

Using its remote access function, the IoT-ready DispenserONE® models include a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, which enables managers to view the live status of all their units, across multiple sites through their own personal online dashboard. This provides users with the freedom to manage DispenserONE® from any location and even allows operators to be able to manage the system while working from home, to ensure that their systems never run out. Moreover, as a failsafe, operators also receive notifications when product quantity falls below a pre-set level, to help them ensure that they constantly have sanitizer available.

The mains powered Plug-in DispenserONE® models guarantee automatic touch-free dispensing 24/7, providing complete reassurance for your customers.

The rechargeable battery operated model allows users to take DispenserONE® wherever your customers need it, with a rechargeable battery-operated model which boasts all the benefits of the plug-in version, with added flexibility to be able to operate in outdoor spaces or to accommodate a changing site layout.

For complete reassurance, the DispenserONE® Thermoscan is the ultimate infection control system, with temperature and mask identification technology which provides comprehensive protection and reassurance.

Determined to find the right branding to meet the needs of its customers, the versatile DispenserONE® can also be customised with the colour and logo of the customers choice. This flexible design allows for the product to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings and is not an eyesore, but a feature to complement and become an integral part of your space. Whether this is a logo, name of colour or an instantly-recognisable colour scheme; the personalisation options are virtually limitless.

With numerous benefits and unmatched, personalisation options, the DispenserONE® is not only an indispensable hygiene solution, but is a powerful tool for brand recognition.

To discover more about this solution for a COVID-secure future, head to its dedicated website:

In addition, SEKO is increasingly integrating IoT in its products, such as its Wash Series laundry dosing systems and the Elektra Pump Controller, which allow programmes to be monitored and managed from any location via smartphone. Operators can view system status 24/7 wherever they are, meaning maintenance can be properly planned and unwanted downtime, can be prevented.

Harnessing the power of data on demand and the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect its pump users to their equipment, the Elektra Pump Controller is a revolutionary piece of equipment that provides unrivalled, invaluable live and historical data. Offering complete flexibility, the data is available on demand and can be accessed from any location, worldwide.

The Elektra is currently available for use with the Spring series of motor-driven pumps and it uses a built-in web server which provides water-treatment application managers with the ability to remotely monitor and adjust the pumps parameters. This includes chemical dosage and flow rate which is easily accessed from numerous devices such as a PC, smartphone, tablet and laptop. Including features such as an alarm log, operators can easily identify any areas that require planned preventative maintenance, thus allowing them to schedule maintenance with minimal downtime. Optimising its performance and process, the Elektra offers vast potential for precise digital dosing and cost control.

SEKO has also recently rebranded its Industrial Processes division as Exakta, which was accompanied by a new website launch: This is in line with SEKO’s constant evolution, progressed each year through product innovation, shrewd acquisitions and the opening of new branches around the world. This rebranding helps to align the Exakta business with the changing demands of the market going forward.

Exakta is the world’s leading provider of process and metering pumps solutions for the industrial processes markets. With a vast history and experience since its inception in 1963, Exakta has designed and developed API 674 process pumps and API 675 metering pumps specifically for the oil, gas and heavy-industrial sectors. Exakta maintains an impressive amount of accumulated experience of almost 60 years, which has established the company as a trusted partner of major players, with a highly regarded reputation of delivering high-quality solutions across the globe.

Providing the highest levels of customer service, Exakta’s team works closely with each of its customers to deliver a bespoke advisory service at every stage. Offering a comprehensive service, from early project development to on-site installation, Exakta can assist its customers in selecting the most suitable accessories, drafting ad-hoc reports, providing technical analysis and issuing predictive maintenance guidance, boasting an unrivalled, complete turnkey service.

Exakta’s customers can be assured that no matter their requirements, they will received a full committed service and with its broad and growing presence, Exakta is well equipped to assist its clients, wherever they are located.

Assisted by its Agents and accredited partner network, the company ensures that it provides the highest levels of professional customer support including rapid delivery of goods. For more information on Exakta, please head to its website:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, SEKO faced the challenges of COVID-19 head on, continuing to operate despite the difficult economic and logistical conditions the business faced. Many of its staff have worked from home, while they’ve been able to continue manufacturing with appropriate COVID-safe procedures in place. As a global business, SEKO has met the challenge of each country having its own coronavirus restrictions, and has been dedicated to ensuring compliance in each territory. And, this agility certainly helped SEKO face the challenges of COVID-19 head on.

In terms of the company’s future, SEKO is constantly evolving through product innovation, shrewd acquisitions and the opening of new branches around the world. This is evident through its recent developments especially the 2020 opening of its 23rd global subsidiary in Colombia, complementing the company’s broad and ever-expanding presence, across six continents.

A noteworthy appearance for the company, SEKO is planning to appear at this year’s Aquatech conference, a platform for professions across the globe to showcase the latest in water technology.

“We’re also preparing to return to trade events as the COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease. This includes a planned appearance at the Aquatech conference, one of the world’s foremost water-treatment exhibitions, in November.” James stated.

Indeed, SEKO and the rest of the world is looking forward to a post-COVID-19 world, attending trade shows and generally getting life back to a sense of normality.

Lastly, we spoke with James about how the company feels upon receiving our award and recognition of its achievements, he stated that, “SEKO is very proud to be selected for this award. It’s hugely satisfying to receive this recognition of the company’s efforts over many years to provide a comprehensive customer service from enquiry through to after-sales technical support.”

To find out more information on the company and its latest developments, head to SEKO’s website or get in touch using the details below.

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