Buehler innovates the test instrument industry

Industry Update is proud to announce Buehler as its Metallographic Equipment Company of the Month, for its outstanding contribution and commitment to the Test Instrument industry.

In 1936, Adolph I. Buehler identified the need within the Midwest USA’s Steel and Automotive industries for metallographic sample preparation equipment and optical inspection industries, and Buehler was born. Almost 100 years later, and the company has grown immensely. Although still headquartered in Illinois USA, Buehler now operates from Germany, China and Japan, with direct sales or distributors in over 100 countries, and over 45 Buehler Solutions Centres worldwide.

Buehler is a leading manufacturer in metallographic equipment and consumables, as well Wilson® hardness testers, DiaMet™ software, ISO-certified test blocks and accessories. The company is also a supplier of materials preparation and analysis equipment, hardness testers, consumable supplies and application solutions. With new, creative and innovative solutions for the global materials preparation and analysis market, Buehler is unwaveringly dedicated to producing products of a quality unrivalled by its contemporaries, while adhering to environmentally responsible manufacturing principles. Buehler is recognised internationally for its laboratory solutions centres, committed service teams, education programmes and bespoke processes for more demanding applications.

This month the company is celebrating the opening of its newest Buehler Solutions Centre at the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), an academic department of the Universiy of Warwick in the United Kingdom. The new laboratory is housed within the Materials Engineering Centre and is equipped with the latest metallographic equipment, hardness testers and microscopes. Metallography classes are held there throughout the year. The laboratory is also available for private training, process improvement and customer consultations.

As one of the foremost businesses in the test instruments sector, Buehler consistently delivers customer backed ideas that seldom fall short of brilliance. All equipment engineered and manufactured by the company is tested rigorously ensuring that its performance when used by customers exceeds the realms of what can simply be regarded as adequate. With a team of Buehler scientist PhDs captaining the company’s creative and developmental processes, the company has never waned in its deliverance of initiative, intelligence and adaption.

Buehler showcased innovations at Control 2019 trade conference in Stuttgart, Germany in May 2019

Considered to be one of Buehler’s leading brands, Wilson Hardness is constantly driving to redesign pre-existing hardness testing methods and products. Wilson’s DiaMet hardness software is a prime example of where that drive can take an idea. DiaMet has been created to simplify application and use when hardness testing. With navigational tabs sitting at the top of the screen, moving between home, program, testing and reporting has never been a simpler task. Coherent feedback is shown on the status bar, while the software itself can be operated via touch, mouse or keyboard. The software can be used for weld testing, colour mapping and geometric functions. The software can evaluate Macro-Vickers, Micro-Vickers, Knoop and Brinell indents according to ISO 6507, ISO 4545, ASTM E384, ISO 6506 and ASTM E10 standards. Readings can be taken in graphs or result grids that can afterwards be exported to PDF, printer, excel or a local database format. These are but a few of the numerous functions DiaMet has to offer.

Buehler General Manager, Julien Noel explains, “During the last few years, we provided clarity in the company strategy and created innovative solutions to help manufacturers that demand excellence. We will continue on the path to delight our customers with both equipment and consumable improvements.” The pride with which Julien speaks of Buehler is demonstrative of the pride the company takes in its work and clients, and will surely propel Buehler to heights never before reached in the Test Instrument industry.

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