Disruptor RA Tech UK Ltd unveils a world’s-first product

  • hotun detect! The world’s first in-tundish water alarm unit
  • Saving on wasting water and energy

RA Tech UK Ltd are the company behind the innovative hotun dry trap tundish. They have now launched a simple but effective stand alone alarm unit that clips onto their hotun dry trap tundish in seconds, alerting them to issues with their boiler or unvented water heater, helping them save wasting water and energy.

A tundish is a device that allows the homeowner to see if there is something wrong with a boiler or hot water cylinder.

If any of these go wrong, and produce an excess of pressure (or temperature) a safety device (called a pressure relief valve or PRV) releases a quantity of water as a warning. The tundish allows the home owner to see that water dripping so they can then call a professional plumber or gas engineer to diagnose and fix the issue before unwanted and inconvenient breakdowns occur.

With the hotun detect alarm unit fitted, It IMMEDIATELY alerts the owner/user of any possible pending issues or dripping, months or even years before anything is noticed.

Managing Director and professional plumber of RA Tech UK Ltd (the inventor of the product) says, “We are very excited with this new product which we believe will potentially save households unnecessarily wasting litres of water.”

For more information about hotun detect, please go to our website at: www.hotun.co.uk