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The UV printing market extends from simple product decoration to complex additive manufacturing. Its flexibility means reduced waste, less inventory, accelerated workflow, full colour process printing to a multitude of substrates with variable data imprinting.

The iUV models are designed to print anything on just about everything; they are ideal for use with standard materials like cardboard, plastic, wood, glass and metal, as well as products like USB sticks, smartphone cases or distinct items like guitar cases, water bottles and more! Their celebrated image quality makes them ideally suited for packaging, giftware, souvenirs, 3D effects, displays, signage, individual parts decoration, prototyping, industrial marking etc.

The iUV-600s and iUV-1200s deliver exceptional photo realistic colour through their 6 independent colour channels. In addition to unmatched material size and thickness capabilities, the printer utilises CMYK, White and Clear inks for stunning special effects, including textures and simulated embossing. It all adds up to powerful visual impact, industrial parts, art, promotional products and one or two-sided signs with variable data.

The iUV-600s and iUV-1200s are absolutely remarkable for anyone requiring high quality UV printing to big and small sized packaging solutions. Virtually any substrate in the industrial branding market can be printed on using the Compress iUV printers, and achieve the results you are looking for. They are low-maintenance, flexible and production-ready – just the machines you need to solve current production issues, as well as to attract new business and customers.

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