Dunlee leading the tungsten revolution

Industry Update is pleased to present Dunlee as having been specially selected to receive our coveted Imaging Company of the Month profile.

Dunlee* specialises primarily in offering imaging components for CT, X-ray and MRI. Dunlee has a rich history with 100+ years of expertise in developing, producing and integrating innovative components for imaging solutions, with production facilities in the US, China and Europe.

In addition to selling imaging components, Dunlee has a wealth of 3D tungsten printing services, with more than 10 years of experiences. We spoke to Anna-Maria Meyer, Product & Business Development Manager at Dunlee, about what makes them stand apart from the rest of the 3D printing industry, to which she explained, “Dunlee is the only company that is able to 3D print pure tungsten with very high accuracy and very thin wall thicknesses in large volumes. In general, tungsten parts can be used in everything from improving chemical resistance to making radiation shields as well as high temperature shields and much more.”

Dunlee has set the benchmark when it comes to providing exceptional 3D printing services, with their tungsten parts having a wall thickness of just a staggering 100 microns, which if you were to compare, is thinner than an eggshell. There are a number of benefits of using tungsten, and the purer the metal the stronger these advantages become. Due to its extremely high melting point, density, hardness and stiffness, ability to absorb both X-ray and Gamma radiation, and non-toxic nature, tungsten is used in a range of specialist applications across the medical, energy, electrical and chemical sectors.

In addition to 3D printing tungsten in very high accuracy, Dunlee also offers post processing services which increases the mechanical accuracy and performance even more, or allows the implementation in vacuum by outgassing the parts.

Although tungsten is still a relatively niche product, more and more people are becoming aware of this unique manufacturing process that offers maximum freedom of design, allowing them to use tungsten in a very flexible way to produce specific parts tailored their needs. It is no surprise that Dunlee is therefore seeing a year on year increase of their sales volume for 3D printed tungsten parts.

Anna-Maria added, “We believe that we and our customers are just starting to explore the potential of implementing pure tungsten. We want to establish Dunlee as the specialist for distinctive metals in the fast growing 3D printing business, and already have contacts of potential customers active in the field of semiconductor, energy or NDT (non-destructive testing).

“This year, we will be showcasing our unique capabilities at the TCT Show in Texas and Birmingham, and at the Formnext in Frankfurt.”

When it comes to Medical Imaging solutions, Dunlee also has an array of solutions, such as:

  • A full range of product bundles: X-ray tubes, generators & detectors for CT scanners,
  • OEM equivalent replacement tubes for GE CT scanners,
  • Integrated cardiovascular solutions: high voltage generators & X-ray tubes
  • Highly reliable X-ray tubes for radiography, fluoroscopy & image guidance in oncology treatment
  • Low dose Smit Röntgen fiber-interspaced anti-scatter grids
  • Zeroboil off 1.5T & 3.0T magnets & RF Amplifier for MRI systems

If you would like to find out more about Dunlee, be sure to get in contact below. Alternatively, you can find out more information by visiting the website at: www.dunlee.com

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*Dunlee is a brand of Koninklijke Philips NV.