Efficient dehumidifiers designed to drive down costs

In this issue of Industry Update, we are pleased to announce DST Humidity Control Ltd (Part of the Newsome Group) as our Dehumidification and Humidification Solutions Company of the Month.

For over 45 years, DST has embraced the same principles of its parent company; providing efficient exceptionally well-engineered dehumidifiers to the UK and global market.

Supplying over 400 businesses with its advanced solutions, DST Humidity Control covers a broad range of applications including Defence, Ice Rinks, Confectionary, Cold Stores, Bridges, Museums, PVC Structures, Power Stations, Lithium Batteries, Silos and more. “The majority of our business involves working with clean rooms which is spread across pharmaceutical, process assembly, battery technology, food production, product handling and material handling,” stated Nick Szadbey, Sales Director.

Trusted and used by many worldwide large corporations, DST has worked with Tesco, Nestle, The British Museum, Centrica, and most recently Tesla in the USA and Germany. “We offer something completely unique. We are world leaders in industrial desiccant dehumidification systems, and the first company to commercialise the desiccant wheel. We have been in the industry the longest over all our competitors, so our product is incredibly well engineered and designed, and we can happily boast that we offer the highest efficiency across our entire market leading range of desiccant dehumidifiers,” said Nick.

Further to its services, DST Humidity Control also offer heat recovery in all its units, which is a benefit no other manufacturer offers. “DST have always approached their product development with the logic of best design and not necessarily lowest manufacturing cost. For years we have been chasing ever efficient solutions and DST Humidity Control is able to offer dehumidification units with a unique heat recovery sector on the wheel. In recent years, as the cost of energy has increased, this early adoption of heat recovery has stood us out against our competition and now our customers are looking to review their energy usage, we are uniquely positioned to offer savings where our competitors cannot,” added Nick.

Because of its continuous investment in research and development for its desiccant rotor, it remains the most technically advanced in the world. Creating efficiency by design, its range of market leading products are the made to a superior quality that are reliable and trustworthy.

As market leaders in the design and supply of ultra-low humidity air systems for battery manufacturing clean rooms, DST has seen a gap in the market for this emerging industry. “Lithium Ion as a business or as a product requires extremely low relative humidity in their clean rooms, so we at DST have a product that suits that market. We are confident our product can slot into this market very easily as we have a tried and tested record for our air systems,” said Nick.

Another range to note is its new humidification line that has historically never been done before by the company. “DST Humidity Control has always historically been involved in dehumidification but we are now extremely excited in being able to support our customers with both a dehumidification and humidification solution. The humidification side should harmonise with and compliment the services we already offer. Furthermore, the appointment of Newsome alongside DST Humidity Control puts us in a strong position going forward to improve our marketing and broaden our catchment for new customers,” said Nick.

DST Humidity Control has the ability, skillset and experience to offer a full turnkey solution that applies the right logic and application for your needs. From conducting a site visit to meeting the end user, they will work with you from start to finish. To invest in every project to provide a solution, DST are not just a quote house, but a support house.

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