Processing & Conveying Components and Equipment

Magog Industries are long established UK designers, manufacturers and suppliers of processing, mixing and conveying screws and barrels. Based in Ware, Hertfordshire, the company operates across the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond.

Working in partnership with European and UK manufacturers allows for enhanced solutions to include splines, co-rotational shafts, mixer elements and sectional barrels. Magog now offer their latest range in coatings and materials, designed to further enhance longer life and greater resistance in demanding processing where increased proportions of glass reinforced and recycled material is used.

“We constantly strive to offer solutions from optimal design to reduce wear to offering a wide range of surface technologies, explained John Allsop, Director and General Manager. “We design everything in-house but also work closely with specialist partners to meet our customers’ specific processing and production requirements”.

“Our three core competencies run through everything we do: process experience, manufacturing expertise and engineering excellence”

Enhanced coatings specification include: Thin Dense Chrome (TDC) to enhance wear with low friction and is FDA Approved for food process environments. Ceramic Seal coatings reduce porosity and increase plating/coating life 4 to 10 times longer in corrosive environments.

In addition, HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) that is thermally sprayed applied provides a crack-free 98 per cent density with hardness of 62 to 72 HRC. This scratch-resistant tungsten carbide coating has gained much interest among plastics moulders. Magog also offer screws and barrels for processing more aggressive material from through hardened D2 tool-steel to high-performance alloys such as Hastelloy (nickel-molybdenum) and Incoloy (nickel-iron-chromium).

All standard screws and barrels are manufactured in high-grade tool-steel. For example, EN41B steel provides hardwearing performance but also allows for hard welded bi-metallic alloy flights to be applied at a later time.

For more information contact Magog Industries:

T 01920 465201