Engineered solutions

Industry Update is incredibly proud to present Suurmond as its selected Pump Distribution Company of the Month.

The Suurmond Group was first established back in 1974 and has built an unrivalled reputation for designing, manufacturing and delivering sustainable and custom made solutions for the processing industry. From its headquarters based in the Netherlands, the team has developed a quality portfolio of products which help customers improve production efficiency.

In 2004, previous owner, Otto Van Der Kolk, wanted to distribute their innovative pumps to the UK market, and therefore set up a new base in Evesham, Worcester. It also has sales offices in Belgium and France and employs 27 people across Europe.

In 2011, Otto retired and the business was taken over by two senior managers (Ferdie de Jonge & Wim van der Kolk) who wanted to change the focus of the business. Due to their years of experience and unrivalled knowledge in the industry, the pair aimed to do more than just distribute pumps, and decided to diversify to become an engineering solutions business. This means the company now offer the complete package. They are able to look at the whole process and design a complete solution providing additional parts such as Flow and Pressure Measurement devices, Vessels and Frames.

These top class products and solutions are not the only reason Suurmond has such long standing, loyal clients – their customer service is also second to none with the team going above and beyond to meet expectations. Director Laurence Fletcher told us more:

“In a world where sustainability is a constant and important issue, Suurmond has, with its products and competencies, an ideal position to help customers to improve their production efficiencies,” he said. “Sustainability is not only shown in the physical products Suurmond supplies, but also in the cooperation and relationship with customers and suppliers.

“By developing an interactive approach with our customers, Suurmond aims to have long term relationships with clients. We are supported by a network of highly qualified suppliers, and are therefore in the best position to serve customers at a continuous high level.”

Developed for clients in the (Petro) Chemical, Polymer, Extrusion, Food and Pharmaceutical industries, Suurmond’s renowned portfolio consists of a superior range of Gear Pumps, Turbine Pumps, Filter Systems, Screen Changers, Control Systems, Units and many more.

They are the distributor for two major suppliers – Maag Pumps, a global leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing and filtration systems, and GATHER Industrie GmbH – an expert in the supply of tube/hose quick-disconnect couplings and process dosing pumps.

A new addition to the range is the suurDOS® dosing units which are custom built for a wide range of applications in the processing industry. Suurmond supplies these units for both lab scale and for pilot plant as well as for small scale production. The use of a controlled gear pump combined with a coriolis flow meter results in a highly precise dosing process. suurDOS® systems are ideal for the development and production of high quality polymers and chemicals.

“Our products are never just off the shelf,” explained Laurence. “We always ensure they are customised to fulfil the customers’ exact requirements. At Suurmond, we strive to provide engineered solutions for complex applications and aim to continue to grow our value added service in order to provide the full package to our clients.”

For more information, contact Suurmond on:
T +44 (0)1386 423756