Leading international heating installation specialists

Industry Update is excited to announce that Clivet Group has been named as this issue’s leading Heating Solutions Company of the Month.

Founded in Italy in 1989, the Clivet Group have established themselves as a world-renowned, leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of heat pump systems. Clivet specialise in providing services for air conditioning, heating, air purification and more for residential, territorial and industrial construction sectors. Clivet have six international branches in England, Spain, Germany, the Arab Emirates, India and Russia with a global distribution network that includes forty agencies in Italy and fifty overseas.

With over 25 years’ experience, Clivet’s extensive portfolio boasts of supplying various installation services such as their air conditioning mechanisms for an impressive list of reputable clients which include Ikea, McDonalds, NH Hotels, Warner Village, UCI Cinemas, Ferrari, Microsoft and more, with use in shopping centres, multiplex cinemas, trading centres, hospitals, highly crowded areas & commercial use areas in general.

Their pioneering products are constructed to match different building installation requests. For commercial and domestic necessities, Clivet aim to provide their clients with nothing but the best, top-quality, energy efficient systems that utilise renewable energy and help save on energy costs. Their installation services include heating, air-conditioning, domestic hot water production, air renewal and air purifiers.

One of their most highly sought after products is the ELFOPack, a decentralised ‘all in one’ air-source heat pump unit, which has proven to be a popular purchase among clients. Dedicated to nearly-zero energy, the ELFOPack covers the essentials of heating, cooling, hot water production, mechanical ventilation with thermodynamic heat recovery, and electronic filtration. This exceptional product uses the ducts of controlled mechanical ventilation for maintaining ambient comfort whilst reducing capital costs, management costs and simplifying installation, therefore providing architects and designers with the opportunity to foresee the plant for comfort and energy saving during the construction phase and hence ensuring perfect building-system integration.

Numerous beneficial changes have recently taken place within the company. Clivet has merged its UK businesses, Clivet UK and Clivet Aircon, to form the Clivet Group UK. This move is intended to improve the company’s service offering to both new and existing customers. Clients will benefit from a unique company for sales, support & maintenance for Clivet’s residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning systems.

Committed to providing excellent customer service to their clients, Clivet goes to great lengths to ensure that no matter the application, each client is getting the most out of their heating installation equipment. As a result, the highly skilled and experienced team at Clivet are happy to provide consumers with any ongoing support or maintenance that they may need throughout the operating life of the equipment.

If you would like to get in contact and find out about how Clivet’s many specialists heating installation services can benefit your property, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone today. More information can also be found by visiting the website below.

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