Flexible in Fluid: Innovative pumping solutions

In this issue of Industry Update, we are delighted to select Apex Pumps as our Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer Company of the Month.

Award-winning Apex Pumps has been a leading UK centrifugal pump manufacturer for 35 years and is a proud global exporter of quality British craftmanship. The Staple Hill 20,000 sq. ft. Facility in Bristol has an on-site foundry, testing capabilities, stock holdings all equipped with the latest CAD software and CNC machines.

With an intrinsic focus on quality, Apex Pumps manufacture pumps in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 9001-2015 standards and is a committed member of both the British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) and British Engineering Manufacturers Association (BEMA).

Originally established in 1988 by founder Nick Sole, the company was sold to current Managing Director: Andrew Simpson and Sales Director: Sam Kemp via MBO in 2021. The team comprises of dedicated craftsmen, fitter, welders, design engineers and enthusiastic sales staff, working like a family to proudly manufacture quality ‘Made in Britain’ pumps.

We spoke to Managing Director: Andrew Simpson to find out more about this mighty Bristol company, “We are a Centrifugal Pump manufacturer providing bespoke and specialised pumping solutions. We work with many pump users and skid packagers across many industries including: aquaculture, petrochemical, building services, agriculture, general industry, power, chemical and off shore.”

“Apex’s unique ability to understand customers’ requirements and offer pumping solutions to the customers exact requirements with special materials, seal arrangements, pump orientation and many other custom arrangements, puts us ahead of the crowd. We are lucky enough to house some fabulous on-site facilities, including: fabrication, machining, UK component stock holding and our own on-site foundry.”

“We are happy to offer drop-in replacement pumps on competitive lead times where the existing pump is now obsolete. Matching the pump dimensions and meeting or improving the pump hydraulics, negating the need for expensive and involved work to modify pipework and civil works that a new pump may require. This can be offered across our pump ranges. For example, we have recently worked with a customer who had a pump produced in 1978 and we were happy to assist by replacing this pump with a more updated version.”

The range of pumps manufactured is extensive and includes the following: TD Pumps, TC Pumps, ISF Pumps, API Pumps, TVL Pumps, ESL Pumps, ISFC Pumps, HP/HV Pumps, EMF Pumps, HS Pumps, Vortex Pumps and Coating Pumps.

The TD Pumps are pretty ubiquitous, with discharge sizes from 32mm to 250mm, with a handy Back pull-out design for easy maintenance. These pumps adhere to DIN 24255 standards and ATEX Directive 2014/32/EU, are ideally suited to a wide range of liquids and can work alongside a Vortex impeller. With maximum operating flow rates up to 1,080m3/hr and discharge flange sizes from 32mm-250mm, the TD Pumps are designed for working under pressure in many diverse applications. These include: water supply, air conditioning, seawater, cooling water, heating circulation, oils solvents and many more. The Apex Pumps spares team can support the pumps throughout long lifecycles, leaving customers rest assured of minimal downtime.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty pump for offshore, or refinery, then the API Pumps are perfect. These robust, API 610 12th edition standard pumps can handle the hardest tasks, including hydro carbons and chemicals, withstanding high pressure and temperatures. Customers can choose from steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and titanium pumps, with the Back pull-out design once again offering easy maintenance. These precision-designed pumps are flawless in engineering and craftsmanship, offering maximum flow rates up to 900m3/hr and discharge flange sizes from 40mm-200mm.

“Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, we pledge to continue our Made in Britain pumping solutions, with plans to continue reshoring product to the UK,” concluded Andrew.

For more information on this innovative pump range, please see the website below:
T +44 (0)117 907 7555