New vibration exciter

In this issue, we are pleased to announce that SPEKTRA GmbH Dresden is our Sound and Vibration Engineering Manufacturing Company of the Year.

In a previous issue, we featured SPEKTRA as our Company of the Month and with the latest advancements in vibration measurement technology, the German powerhouse has taken innovation to the next level.

The new SE-29 high-frequency vibration exciter was showcased at the Automotive Testing Expo 2023 in Novi, Michigan from the 24th-26th October and according to Audrey Stein: Business Development and Marketing Manager, the reception has been positive, “Our new SE-29 vibration exciter is our latest, cutting-edge product. It exhibits more powerful features, such as a very wide frequency range from 3Hz to 50kHz and temperature options. Besides other exciters, the SE-29 can be integrated in the CS Q-LEAP™ calibration systems. The SE-29 is ideally suited for many applications across a wide range of industries. Both our new exciters family and our extended range of measurands for our calibration systems allow you to take your sensor testing to the next level.”

Audrey-Stein, Business Development & Marketing Manager, SPEKTRA

The industry has responded with excitement to this latest offering from SPEKTRA, including this prestigious German national metrology institute, “The new SE-29 high frequency vibration exciter from SPEKTRA has proven that a robust spring-guided exciter can provide quality mechanical vibration, which previously had been achieved only with air-bearing calibration exciters.”

For the aerospace industry, SPEKTRA will be showcasing its extensive range of TESTelligent solutions at the forthcoming Space Tech Exo 2023 in Bremen, Germany from the 14th-16th November.

“Throughout this year, we have focussed on the automotive and aerospace sectors, offering state-of-the-art solutions for testing, calibration and characterisation of sensors. This can include everything from: proximity, yaw rate and angular rate sensors, accelerometers, shock loggers, digital vibration transducers, to surface microphones, speedometers.”

“Our existing CS Q-LEAP calibration systems offer vibration and shock calibration and are now also available for rotation rate.”

“We offer a two-pronged approach: services and products, with an emphasis on premiere quality through. We are delighted to share that we have extended our accreditation for the calibration of GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). We are the only independent calibration laboratory in Europe to offer accredited calibration for these devices. We have a lab in Germany and one in the USA, allowing us to easily meet market demand across Europe and North America.”

“Looking to the future, we are hoping to partner with other labs around the world, establishing a truly global brand of high-quality SPEKTRA LABS,” added Audrey.

The good news continue as SPEKTRA is set to celebrate its 30th anniversary next year and in amongst the well-deserved celebrations, the team are planning a roadshow throughout the year. This will increase brand visibility and attract the attention of new customers across many industries.

“We are highly customer-centric and employ the personal touch when we can. This involves lengthy consultations with new and existing customers, asking pertinent questions around objectives, both short and long term. SPEKTRA comes into its own with bespoke products, we can offer solutions for even the most complex scenarios.”

“Our e-learning platform through our SPEKTRA CAMPUS has been designed and implemented with customer service in mind. The platform allows users to engage in technical, educational online modules and provides the perfect opportunity for training new operators.”

“During the start of November, we will start building the 500th long-stroke vibration exciter APS 113. We acquired the US manufacturer who developed these exciters: APS Dynamics back in 2008 and are excited about the success of these exciters, which we perfectly integrated into the SPEKTRA solutions for modal testing.”

“We are honoured to be selected for the sound and vibration engineering manufacturing Company of the Year and it is testament to the hardworking nature of our colleagues in Europe and America.” concluded Audrey.

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