How to cut costs, increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

A|2|O Technology Group is on a mission to remove the barriers to the adoption of advanced composite materials in volume applications, helping companies to reduce CO2 emissions and increase composites component manufacturing efficiency. Subsequently, after years of exciting development, A|2|O Technology Group is inviting customers to get in touch and discover how it can help develop systems tailored to their needs.

The company’s founder, Chris Berg, identified opportunities in the composite industry, after noticing several barriers that deterred companies from adopting this technology. For many, costs are too high, and the reliability of composite components are too low compared with those made from legacy materials, such as metal.

To combat this, A|2|O Technology Group is now offering affordable and sustainable composite component manufacturing and reliability products. “Our technologies can help make things more cost-effective, and we can simulate the process and the costs of manufacture before putting systems in place,” explained Chris. “We work with the customer, rather than just offering them a single solution that can’t be adapted. We are customer-centric to ensure we are developing products that suit their needs, looking at the whole product cycle from concept, to manufacture, through to service life.”

Chris has been developing A|2|O Technology Group full time since 2016, and now the hard work is paying off. “We’ve been awarded funding from the Liverpool City Region Future Innovation Fund, and we’ve been identified as a high growth potential business on the LCR TechClimbers 2021 Ones to Watch list”. “We’ve spent a lot of time developing our technology, identifying the need in the market, and staying in touch with this need. These recent awards show that we have done the right thing, and we’re now looking at demonstrations throughout this year and developing contracts to continue growing the business. We welcome anyone to get in touch if they would like to develop composite component technology to suit their product developments.”

Of course, for a company as innovative as A|2|O Technology Group, the development never stops, and the company is still working on enhancing its products. However, during 2021 it will be able to supply its CHASM System to customers for benefit trials. This is in addition to launching some manufacturing demonstrations into its adoption base.

CHASM offers on-board and fully active structural and condition health monitoring for predictive maintenance, increasing the safety of high reliability and safety critical systems such as Transportation Assets and Renewable Energy Systems.

It indicates and tracks changes and indicates degradation before it becomes critical, reducing the need for lengthy and costly preventative maintenance solutions that are currently used.

As well as developing its products, A|2|O Technology Group is working on developing the company brand and website to emphasise the commercial focus of its offerings. “Our registered company name is Acorn2Oak Innovation Solutions, but we realised that this was quite wordy and made people think that we are purely consultancy based, whereas in reality we’re predominantly a manufacturer and system supplier. So, we now trade as A|2|O Technology Group with four key divisions: A|2|O Innovation, A|2|O Licensing, A|2|O Manufacturing, and A|2|O Predictive Maintenance. This rebrand will soon become clear on our website.”

This is in addition to its plans for geographical growth. A|2|O Technology Group is very much focused on growing its business within the local Liverpool City Region economy, however the company is also looking to the rest of the country with connections in the North, the Midlands, and the South. “We’ve also been out to South Korea and the USA, to support our global ambitions. Everything is coming together nicely and I’m excited to see what happens next as we move into commercial growth.”

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