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Bradshaw Electrical Vehicles is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicles. As a family-run business since 1960, Bradshaw first began trading as a plant hire company. Since 1976 the company has been supplying industrial electric vehicles to the UK and worldwide markets. Providing solutions for moving materials, products and people Bradshaw Electric Vehicles are robust, reliable, and a safe, efficient and economical mode of transport for a range of industries.

Bradshaw has gained an extensive amount of experience in manufacturing and supplying electric vehicles and is a leading supplier within the industry as well as being the sole UK distributor of Goupil and Club Car, the world’s largest manufacturer of golf carts and utility vehicles.

Providing its broad spectrum of electric vehicle solutions for a wide range of different industries, Bradshaw maintains a diverse and loyal customer base. Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager at Bradshaw, explained: “We have a broad customer base, since our vehicles can move materials, products, waste, and people, our vehicles span across almost every sector you can think of.” Ramsy expanded, “We supply airports, NHS, Manufacturing, line feed, warehouse, logistics waste collection, waste movement, leisure and hospitality, landscape & maintenance, last-mile delivery.”

In terms of the company’s extensive range of vehicles, Bradshaw’s range consists of Tow Tractors and Load Carriers both ride on and pedestrian. “Our extensive range of tow tractors includes narrow width, mid-range, and high capacity tractors, offering load capacities between 1 and 25 tonnes. The load carrier range has a payload up to 3 tonnes, and 6,000kg tow capacity witch quickly and efficiently transports larger loads around sites.” Ramsy continued, “The pedestrian-controlled tow and load carriers are an ideal alternative to areas restricted to conventional vehicles, confined spaces and areas with heavy footfall all offering high-quality performance in a safe and compact design.”

Bradshaw is proud to be the sole UK supplier of Goupil Electric Road Vehicles. Adaptive and versatile, the Goupil range is extremely popular for providing vehicles to local authorities, landscape and maintenance, last-mile and campuses.

“The Goupil G4 has been a popular vehicle with the ability to carry up to 1.2 tonnes. The G2 is the more recent addition to the family, a compact all-electric road vehicle, ideal for sites connected by public highway.” Ramsy said.

Looking ahead to the future, Bradshaw plans to continue to expand upon its impressive services and continue to develop new innovative products for its customer. Ramsy told us that, “We are continuously developing, increasing and improving our product range which is why customer’s always come back to us.”

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