New technology which is revolutionising many plant maintenance and workplace noise tasks

The SOUNDCAM as the name implies, is a sound camera that overlays sound sources on a video screen, in a similar way to thermal imaging cameras.

You may not have heard of this technology before. It has been around for more than 10 years, but until now only in a form that acoustic experts could use, only suited to a lab environment, and costing six figure sums. The SOUNDCAM is revolutionary, because it puts this powerful technology in the hands of anyone capable of operating a smart phone. It is battery powered, waterproof, ready to use 30 seconds after switching on, and anyone can learn to use it in 10 minutes. And its price has only 4 figures!

Made by CAE Software and Systems based in Germany, it outsells every other acoustic camera on the market worldwide, because nothing else compares with its portability, ease of use and low price. And SOUNDCAM UK (Acoustic Camera UK Ltd.) is the official UK distributor.

Richard O’Sullivan said, “We are the sole distributor for CAE Software and Systems, the German company which is a dominating industry leading company that provides an innovative range of acoustic cameras. Based in the West Midlands, we provide a full service including, sales, rental and consultancy, on a national scale, across the whole of the UK and Ireland.”

There are several main areas that could be relevant for your plants:

1. Energy saving: With our SOUNDCAMS you can see compressed air and steam leaks, and electrical leaks live on-screen. We also have customers looking for problems like water/steam hammer. For leaks, we have a special documentation app, which sets up the SOUNDCAM then after you go around the factory finding the leaks it will create an automated report showing their locations and severity, which you can pass on directly to the maintenance team.

2. Preventative maintenance/condition monitoring: With a Soundcam, you can take an acoustic profile of your critical plant and leave it monitoring for any changes. Long before the human ear can hear, for example, a bearing starting to whine and certainly well before failure, the SOUNDCAM will have automatically taken triggered video showing exactly which part needs attention.

3. Workplace noise: Health and safety professionals are now able to quickly find the sources of excessive noise in the workplace, enabling them to contact the plant supplier or take mitigating action themselves. A noisy fan can be replaced or enclosed, leaks on a machine enclosure can be seen and fixed. Whatever the noise source, you can quickly gather indisputable video or still image proof to share with others.

4. Vacuum leaks: One of the top Formula one racing teams is using the ultrasonic capabilities of our SOUNDCAM to locate leaks instantly and reliably in his vacuum forming equipment, avoiding costly mis-builds, and saving time. We’re proud to make one of the fastest teams even faster!

We would like to offer you the opportunity for a free trial at your location, either via an on-site demo, or compliant with possible COVID restrictions we can send a camera to you free of charge for a few days, and provide remote training and support.

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