North Ridge Pumps helps a distillery

A distillery contacted us which wanted to bulk transfer Methanol at 95% concentration, liquor and gin from IBCs into a bulk holding tank.

They required a flow rate of 100-120L/min at 6M Head, for the unit to be food grade, self-priming, ATEX rated and mobile. This would be a tall order for some companies but for North Ridge Pumps, configuring a pump kit for users’ requirements is something we are accustomed to.

Mobile pump kits provide a versatile solution, ensuring portability across process with multiple liquids with ease and without spillage.

We selected our GR ADPE Atex Rated side Channel Pump in stainless steel, trolley mounted with 5M of Anti-static Conductive Food grade suction and delivery hose with tri clamp fittings, ensuring high levels of hygiene, and ease of cleaning all delivered in under 3 weeks.

The unit was coupled to a 230V 0.76Kw motor, enabling the kit to be used throughout the factory without modification to existing electrical circuits.

A side channel pump was chosen due to its self-priming ability, meaning it could be surface mounted, handle low viscosity fluids, and, being of metal construction, be ATEX rated.

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