Removing the barriers for advanced materials manufacture and volume adoption

Industry Update is proud to announce that A|2|O Technology Group has been selected as our Composite Technology Company of the Month.

A|2|O Technology Group has a mission to deliver carbon reduction technologies via process efficiencies, component manufacturing cost reduction, and structural reliability systems. A|2|O’s Affordable Composite technologies closely align to the Grand Challenges identified in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy White Paper ( Their ambition is being achieved from the ethos of simplifying innovation and bridging the gap between new concepts and commercially viable products.

Advanced composite materials are often considered for weight reduction, A|2|O Technology Group’s technologies, all of which are IP protected, are focused on removing the barriers to adoption of these materials. This is through lowering component production costs and increasing manufacturing throughput, whilst improving component reliability by enhancing quality and the ‘live’ indication of component structural degradation.

Dr Chris Berg, Founder & Director

“I identified an opportunity in the composite industry, where there seemed to be barriers preventing companies from adopting advanced materials technology,” explained Dr Chris Berg, Founder & Director (pictured left). “For a lot of companies, the cost is too high and the reliability of composite components too low compared with those made from a legacy material, such as metal.”

“We began by looking at manufacturing processes that are more cost-effective, as well as looking at composite component reliability monitoring to identify any degradation and indicate it before it becomes an issue. To aid commercial adoption strategies we can demonstrate and digitally simulate our technologies in a scalable production process. This enables the cost of adoption and component manufacture to be predicted before equipment and systems are put place. We work with customer requirements, rather than just offering a single solution that can’t be adapted. We are proudly customer-centric to ensure that we are developing products that suit their needs, we achieve this by looking at the whole product cycle from concept, to manufacture, through to service life.”

Photo: Science and Technology Facilities Council

Whilst A|2|O Technology Group’s technologies can manufacture components that are more cost-effective their CHASM System offers on-board ‘live’ structural health and condition monitoring for enhanced component reliability and predictive maintenance. The latter increasing asset availability and reducing maintenance costs whilst increasing the safety of critical systems or those requiring high reliability in sectors such as Transportation and Renewable Energy. CHASM indicates and tracks structural integrity changes detecting degradation before it becomes critical to reduce the need for lengthy and costly preventative maintenance solutions currently used. “During the development of the CHASM product we found that the technology can be used on many materials, for example indicating pre-fatigue failure in metals” explained Chris. In collaboration with STFC, CERN and The Hartree Centre, the CHASM will be available for trials in Q1 2021.

Crucially, following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the National Lockdown, there has been a visible reduction in CO2, this has initiated calls for a ‘green recovery’ post-COVID. “COVID-19 continues to bring its challenges and we have relied on our network to provide stability and enhance resources. We are looking at the ‘new norm’ as an opportunity to introduce a hybrid working strategy with a combination of remote, office, and application location based staff. We are proactively adopting best practice for employee, customer and visitor safety. We are planning now as we expand and see increased interest in our products for a greener future.”

A|2|O Technology Group is inviting companies to get in touch and discuss technology developments to suit their needs. A|2|O Technology Group has been identified as a high growth potential business and is open to investment opportunities inviting investors to get in touch. The company is currently planning its trade show exposure in 2021 and is rebranding to emphasise the commercial focus of its offerings.

See the contact details below to find out more, or keep a lookout for the soon to be updated website.

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