‘Our strength is your safety’: industry leaders in Passive Fire Protection

Industry Update is proud to announce that Firepro has been selected as our Fire Protection Company of the Month, for its industry-leading provision of Passive Fire Protection for companies and contractors throughout the world.

In operation for many years with Frances and James Rooney at the helm, Firepro is at the forefront of technology in the fire protection industry. Based in Dublin, the company is an approved installer and applicator of the industry’s leading Passive Fire Protection systems. Firepro has extensive experience in dealing with assigned specifiers on many types of projects, from Commercial & Industrial to Pharmaceutical & Public Sector.

Firepro take pride in Installing and maintaining fire protection systems in numerous large building projects across the globe. Indeed, some of these include projects for major companies such as Pfizer Pharmaceutical, AIB (Allied Irish Bank), BMS (Bristol Myers Squibb), Arthur Cox, Google, Penney’s, Toyota, VHI, ESB, and Guinness/Diageo, to name only a few.

Passive Fire Protection (Passive Fire Protection) is fundamental to structural fire protection and fire safety in a building, containing fires or slowing their spread through fire resistant materials which have already been installed throughout the building. This means that in the event of a fire, (Passive Fire Protection) buys more time for occupants to evacuate the building or reach an area of safety.

This essential area of (Passive Fire Protection) is where Firepro is a leading expert. As full members of the Association of Specialist Fire Protection Ireland (ASFP) the company is regularly checked by Firas, an independent body which assesses the Application and installation of Passive Fire Resisting Products. This approves Firepro’s consistent high standards of work both in office and onsite. The company also ensures all the products used are tested and approved to BS & EN Standards with complete back up data.

“We ensure we stay up to date with changing regulations, and we are a member of ASFP Firas, CIF and CIRI,” explained Frances Rooney. “We also have The Boris system in place for recording all works electronically, providing traceability of all the works carried out on every project we are assigned to.”

What’s more, because systems and technologies within the fire protection industry are constantly evolving, it is imperative that a company such as Firepro stay alert to these developments. “We keep up to date with researching new products and test data so we can provide the most efficient compartmentation within a building, to protect the structure and ensure it is a safe place for people to live and work in. We are always working to be number one, with a safe reputation and delivery of quality at all times.”

Through its expert services, Firepro helps its clients to meet legal obligations, such as insurance criteria, to provide a safe environment for employees and visitors as well as protecting valuable stock and assets. Thanks to its proficiency, Firepro recognises the challenges posed by modern buildings which include air-conditioning systems, communications networks and high-specification electrical installations. This means Firepro ensures that fire compartments are maintained while considering the numerous cables, pipes and air-handling ducts and services which must pass through walls and floors.

If you would like to find out more information on Firepro’s full range of services, get in touch using the contact details below.

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