Working together to improve the industry

Industry Update is proud to announce that NAADUK has been selected as our Association of the Month, for its dedication to providing a trusted register of fully trained ductwork maintenance specialists.

NAADUK was established in 2016 by a selection of industry leaders who felt it was necessary to have a group of experts to lead and teach both members and the public on the industry’s standards and laws, which are not easily understood. With its head office in Devon, NAADUK holds meetings across the country and has members from countries as far away as Qatar and Australia.

By offering a full list of qualified and trained ductwork cleaners, NAADUK provides companies and the public with the confidence that they are contacting competent personnel. What’s more, NAADUK also promotes laws, standards and the importance of maintaining ventilation systems.

Delivering a wealth of benefits to the industry, NAADUK offers free advice and guidance, as well as providing informative seminars to councils and similar establishments, including Testing Standards. The association is also currently working on NAAD 21, which will be a specification on the cleaning of supply and extract ventilation systems, as well as grease kitchen extract cleaning. This is currently being finalised and will be produced in 2020 to much anticipation from the group and entire industry.

With a mission to help people work together to provoke industry-wide improvements, NAADUK is consistently coming up with ideas and new ways of thinking to add value to the ductwork maintenance industry. The association features members who have proved their competence in training, as well as associate members who may be manufacturers of the products used, who wish to stay abreast of any updates and changes within the industry.

Next year, NAADUK will be speaking at the Healthcare Estates 2020 event to inform exhibitors about what it does, as well as keeping people up to date with recent changes. The association will also be hosting an event to launch NAAD 21, details of which will be available later this year.

Without a doubt, NAADUK has maintained the high quality services on which it was established, with the founding industry experts remaining on board and membership continuing to grow on a monthly basis. Indeed, NAADUK is always welcoming new members, with a great appreciation of the input that is given in its monthly meetings. All members are invited to attend these, and there is no doubt that NAADUK will be finishing 2019 in the same way it started: striving for improvements across the industry.

If you would like to find out more information on NAADUK’s full range of services and benefits, head to the website. Alternatively, get in touch using the contact details below.

T 01404 891539