Protecting professionals: hard work never felt so easy

In this issue of Industry Update, we are proud to announce Optrel AG as our PPE safety product manufacturer Company of the Month.

Optrel recently brought to the market a brand-new concept for welding and grinding applications. The Helix CLT, Quattro and 2.5 is the world’s first and only internal slide up welding helmet. Optrel welding helmets are synonymous with precision-driven Swiss quality and are reputed to be the best across the industry and packed innovation and unique technology. Welding often occurs in challenging situations or hard to reach areas. The Helix helmets offer state-of-the-art panoramic field of vision, and is powered through a rechargeable battery system.

This full integrated hardhat hard hat product has a cutting-edge ergonomic design and IsoFit headgear with a total weight of only 695grams, Helix helmets can be worn for extended periods of time. Manual shade adjustment is no more with the industry only shadetronic technology, which automatically adjusts the shade to the correct level, meaning an end to eye strain, this addition to the Optrel range means they now have the perfect solution to any application that industry may require.

Optrel AG is a world-class manufacturer of active eye protection, powered air respirators, and supplied area products for the global PPE market.

Established in 1986, this Swiss-based Powerhouse was a pioneer in the first auto darkening filters (ADF) and has laid down the blueprint for Auto Darkening welding lenses that have come ever since. They have revolutionised the world of welding helmet protection twofold: by enhanced visibility and reduced risk of serious eye injuries from debris and sparks and indirect exposure to harmful UV/IR radiation from the welding process.

This family-run business, headed by Marco Koch, prides itself on not being a global mass-producer but instead, creating unique, enviable bespoke products. With full ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality accreditation, the innovative team offers quality assurance at every level of design innovation.

We caught up with Andy Knott: Sales Manager: United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand to find out more,

“Everything that we produce is exclusively world-first: we really do push the boundaries of innovation and design.

Beyond welding helmets, we now support a broad spectrum of sectors from: construction, woodwork, medical, oil and gas, robotics and even sports: skiing and outdoor sports markets. We recently branched out into the sports sector with auto darkening skiing goggles and sunglasses.

Our latest innovation is called “Swiss Air:” it is the world’s first and only powered air half mask that doesn’t require a face-fit test.

This fully independent powered air half mask, is lightweight, shoulder mounted with a 14hr rechargeable USB battery. It is compatible with every face shape, even those for wear glasses or have beards. It meets full TH-3 classification and delivers constant filtered air to the user. Furthermore, it is waterproof and flameproof and fully compatible with all existing PPE. It was recently awarded full Network rail approval and has become a very popular choice within the construction sector.

We are delighted that this product won the 2021 International Red Dot Award for Design and Innovation.

It is the world’s first and only fully carbon neutral powered air system, showing our continued commitment to sustainability in product design.”

The Swiss Air respiratory protection has a shoulder unit design that allows for postural weight distribution and the respirator unit TH-3 filter safeguards against dangerous particles, smoke, aerosols and even viruses.

The judging committee commented, “The Swiss Air system impresses with its high ease of use and well-thought-out ergonomics.”

Optrel AG will be showcasing at FABTECH Chicago, USA (September) and A+A Düsseldorf, Germany. (October) as well as many other local events around Europe.

For further details, contact Andy Knott below:

Mob: +44 07841599982