Oxi-Tech is a British start-up tech company, that has developed a system that creates an extremely powerful, yet environmentally friendly chemical-free disinfectant.

The technology achieves superior disinfection using only tap water, and low-voltage electricity.

The company’s “patented “Pulse Technology” is disrupting the chemical industry as it’s chemical-free system removes the majority of associated carbon involved with chemical production, manufacturing of plastic barrels, packaging/ labeling, and all the heavy road miles of transportation and delivery.

“It’s a step change in environmentally conscious disinfection, and we’ve already attracted the keen interest of some of the largest players in the industry” stated Oxi-Tech’s new CEO Paul Morris

In addition to the obvious environmental and operational efficiency benifits, the system saves significant amounts of energy currently wasted by chemical treatments and the excessive heating of water, used to control waterborne pathogens, such as legionella, and cryptosporidium.

Our Pulse Oxidation Technology can effectively replace chlorine, acids and other hazardous chemicals with a safe, pH neutral, and highly effective alternative, made only from the water in use, and site available, low voltage electricity.

Oxi-Tech’s first step into the market place was in Dairy parlour disinfection, where the results of their prototype located on just one farm in Norfolk were so successful, they gained the Excellence Award’s runner up position from the government’s Agri-Epi Centre programme. This initiative focused on those technologies that had the biggest environmental impact in farming in the UK, this led on to the system being recommended by DEFRA and included on the UK government ‘Farming Equipment and Technology Fund’ grant list, an accolade that stands as a powerful endorsement of the technology. This commendation should come as no surprise, given the powerful environmental and economic benefits of the technology.