Quality power supplies, installation and aftercare

In this issue of Industry Update, we have selected Constant Power Services as our Quality Power Supplies Company of the Year.

Since the late 80’s Constant Power Services Ltd has excelled in providing support and solutions to businesses seeking quality uninterruptible power supplies, installation and aftercare. The company appreciates the complexities of a specification, the time constraints on finalising a project and understands that it can all change in a second, which is why it is the best support for its customers.

Constant Power Services has worked extensively towards providing a total power solution having installed numerous generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) packages complete with associated switchboards for distribution and auto changeover facilities. Constant Power Services Ltd has also consolidated its position as a major UPS supplier to Hospital and Healthcare authorities.

Finding smart ways to help customers to manage their operations is always at the forefront of the company’s mind, which is why many of its clients have stayed with them for over 20 years. Its portfolio consists of a range of products from smaller 700va UPS to 6.4mva systems, containerised units for hire or purchase, generators, switchgear, and maintenance contracts. Its turnkey offers and solutions are tailored to all requirements, and working with customers requires great communication, respect and ownership of a task, a solution, or in some cases a problem to fix.

With the head office based in Letchworth and another office by Canary Wharf, Constant Power Services Ltd has recently expanded its offices with the addition of office and storage facilities in Scotland. Located between Glasgow and Edinburgh this new edition to the business means that it is able to provide a swift service to its customers. The company also brought new service engineers on board to support new and existing customers.

The company has now implemented the back office service function onto its existing Salesforce customer relationship management platform, in order to align all customers interactions for sales, service and remedials onto this one platform. This both eliminates duplication and the chance of human error.

Constant Power Services Ltd also has a new containerised rental solution. The MultiBox 800 containerised solution utilises the high-performance Next Energy UPS Systems to provide a reliable, clean & uninterrupted Emergency power source. A compact 20′ ISO container, houses an impressive 2 off 400kW UPS systems, 2 off dual string battery systems, associated switchgear, air-conditioning and general lighting and small power. These containerised solutions are perfect for sites undergoing upgrade works or replacements.

The MultiBox 800 also helps to optimise space within a facility, eliminating the need for dedicated and controlled environments within data centres and plant rooms. Clients simply have to locate the container externally to utilise internal floor space critical IT Infrastructure.

It is also available for both permanent installations as well as short and long term rental agreements. Renting will avoid the higher capital costs, and provides peace of mind that the equipment is fully monitored, maintained and inspected by Constant Power Services Ltd for a fixed monthly fee with no risk of any additional or unexpected costs. Alternatively, a purchase investment can provide an effective emergency solution; conveniently deployed to various sites as and when required.

Constant Power Services Ltd is a successful company because it prides itself on being able to support businesses with their critical power requirements. Managing Director Kevin Wilson commented, “for us it is not just about the product, it is about providing the customer with what they actually need and to support them on their journey through decision, purchase and then service or maintenance. Our four and seven year remedial servicing plans perfectly reflect this idea, as these services increase the longevity of the product and ensures optimum performance of the equipment.”

Following the years of challenge that COVID-19 provided for so many businesses, including Constant Power Services Ltd, the last 12 months have been very positive. As companies have developed their knowledge and understanding of their critical loads and how losing power can impact their businesses even for a short amount of time, the last 12 months has seen the business grow even with the current supply issues. It has managed to deliver all projects successfully in a timely manner maintaining a great dialogue with customers.

Kevin continued, “2022 Sales are very positive and growing, and the company is on track for its 2025 growth target. We are very active and with a renewed vision and focus we are building a company that focuses on providing the best support to our customers.”

In what is a congested marketplace, Constant Power Services Ltd works hard to meet all of its customer needs. As Kevin remarked, “components can be sourced from the same place, product can be built in the same way but to truly stand out, it must be the service, customer care and really listening and understanding what the client requires that makes all the difference. We support our clients through all stages of their journey from the thought of needing or requiring a UPS, through to installation and servicing. As some of our customers have been with us for over 20 years, we feel that this demonstrates our ability to support them long term.” Indeed, Constant Power Services core ethos is to give support, and it does that with great honesty and openness in order to create a long term partnership with our customers.

Looking to future plans, Constant Power Services Ltd aims to continue its excellent service, and the company is seeking to be the number one support for businesses seeking quality uninterruptible power supplies. Over the longer term, it is looking to expand its remedial and service options and to enhance all turnkey full systems solutions.

Kevin concluded, “It is a great honour to have been selected for this award by Industry Update. To be recognised and awarded for something that comes naturally to us is simply fantastic, the team at Constant Power Services are thrilled. If you are looking for an UPS for a new building, have inherited a UPS from a new acquisition or are simply wanting to upgrade to a new system so that you can get the service and support you require, Constant Power Services is the company for you.”

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