Radiocrafts has just released a new & updated version of the RIIM SDK!

Radiocrafts has just released a new and updated version of the RIIM SDK to make it easier and quicker for customers to create a prototype network with RIIM. RIIM is an IIoT Wireless IP mesh network in a module. It was developed for the user to easily create their own industrial grade access network with direct IP connectivity, in minimal time and effort.

The RIIM SDK supports development of code for the ICI application in the RIIM module. An ICI application is always running on the module to tailour the module’s behavior to the customers unique requirements.

The SDK has various new features including:

  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • New node configuration – Leaf node (
  • New example ICI application for sleepy nodes – This example is meant to show the exceptionally low power capabilities of a RIIM node.
  • Automated scripts to generate a flash image and upload it to the module
  • The RIIM Dashboard
  • The SDK itself also has an html file where Radiocrafts has laid out detailed descriptions of all necessary instructions needed to use the SDK effectively.

You can order a RIIM Development Kit from Digi-Key and download the SDK from the Radiocrafts website.

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