Smooth performance in medical applications

Geared motors deliver smooth performance for small bone orthopaedic applications

Surgeons performing small bone orthopaedic surgery need total control over the tools they’re using. In an environment where success and failure can be measured by millimetres, there is no margin for error. Portescap has released three new surgical motors designed for orthopaedic saws, drills and reamers. The compact motors offer controllable, precise torque and have been tested to withstand 1,000+ sterilisation cycles.

Orthopaedic surgery is a broad category that treats a range of musculoskeletal conditions arising from trauma, sport injury, bone diseases, degenerative diseases, infections, etc. Where procedures are performed on small bones – such as vertebrates or those found in radiocarpal or talocrural joints – precision is key with every action. The surgical tools used need to deliver power in a smooth and controllable manner to ensure a positive outcome for the patient.

Portescap is a leading manufacturer of miniature motors for performance-critical applications. It’s at the forefront of sterilisable motor technology; having committed decades to research and development in the medical fields, its motors have been used in millions of surgeries around the world. The latest additions to its range have been designed specifically with small bone orthopaedic applications in mind. The B0912N1016 small bone motor (9.6V, 38k rpm), B0912N4023 small bone gearmotor (9.6V, 1.1k rpm), and B0912N4024 small bone gearmotor (9.6V, 12.8k rpm) are sterilizable brushless DC (BLDC) motors that provide optimal torque and speed for drills, saws and reamers. They are well-suited for traditional surgical tools – in addition to robotically assisted surgical devices – and can be paired with a Portescap sterilizable controller for battery powered applications.

The motors deliver high peak torque capable of powering through the densest bones and feature customisable voltage to accommodate precise control for the surgeon. The 22mm diameter motors are lightweight and produce low noise and vibration to improve the ergonomic comfort and control in the hand – essential in long surgeries where fatigue may set in. To ensure reliability and cost efficiency the motors have all been tested to withstand 1,000+ sterilisation cycles as well as exposure to saline and other foreign materials.

For design engineers looking to specify one of the motors in a prototype, standard motors are available with a short lead time. Where a customised solution may be required, Portescap’s R&D engineers are well-versed in medical device integration and are eager to collaborate. Typical customisation options may include hollow/cannulated shaft designs for wire drivers, custom shafts or housings or bevel gears to provide positional flexibility within the tool.

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