Software for mechanical engineering

In this issue of Industry Update we have chosen MESYS AG as our Mechanical Software Company of the Month.

MESYS AG in Zurich, Switzerland, develops software for technical calculations in mechanical engineering. Its main focus is the sizing of machine elements like gears, shafts, bolts, rolling bearings and more. In addition to standardised software, custom software is also developed, therefore the company can easily update client’s old software.

MESYS also support the design of machine elements especially for gears, or it can do ratings according to different standards using modern calculation software. MESYS software is currently used by more than 300 customers from 30 countries on 4 continents.

The company’s main product is a shaft system calculation, which considers the load distribution within rolling element bearings. It is a fully coupled calculation including 3D-FEA based 3D-elastic parts, which allow the consideration of deformations of bearing rings coupled to an elastic housing or deformations of elastic gear bodies. The consideration of elastic environments is important in case of relatively soft environments like in wind turbines or in automotive or aerospace components.

This software allows the calculation of deformation of several coaxial shafts in combination with non-linear bearing stiffness of rolling bearings and coupling by gears or belts. In addition to deformations, forces, moments, equivalent stress and bearing life, also the strength according DIN 743 and natural frequencies can be calculated (optional with gyroscopic effect). The new version of the software was published this summer, adding several new features requested by customers.

Obviously there are other similar systems available on the market, but most shaft system calculations focus on gear calculations, while the MESYS software focuses on shaft and bearing calculations. Regarding gear calculations, only interfaces to third-party programs are included

Owner Markus Raabe commented, “regarding the calculation of spindles, one advantage of MESYS system is the availability of bearing databases from several manufacturers including internal geometry. This is needed to determine proper values for preloads, and the software is easy to use and pricing is more moderate compared to similar level of functionality.”

MESYS has been able to exhibit these products at recent events, as in 2022 conferences finally took place again after the pandemic. The company had a booth at four conferences during the year, which made personal contact with existing customers possible again and also led to some new contacts.

As Markus looks to the future for MESYS, he concluded, “in the short term there is still a list of features to be implemented, and the handling of 3D-FEA inside of the software should become more flexible to use. Longer term, we are evaluating the need for further platforms for the software as currently, customers mostly use Windows operating systems. There had only been a few requests for macOS or Linux, but recently, web-based applications are being used more frequently, maybe this will gain more importance in the future.”

For more information:
T +41 44 4556800