Specialists in gas pressure & flow

Industry Update is proud and excited to announce Chell Instruments as the recipient of our Instrumentation Provider of the Month for their pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement and control solutions.

Chell Instruments, established in 1976 in North Walsham, Norfolk is one of the market leaders in the development and supply of pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement and control solutions in the world – supplying instrumentation to some of the most prestigious organisations across the globe including Rolls Royce and all of the F1 racing teams.

The company pride themselves on their five key values and commitments – quality of performance, lowest available uncertainties, highest reliability, unsurpassed service commitment and customer focussed designs – all of which lead to offering unparalleled instrumentation to clients that come back time and time again. Products such as their Air Ingress Monitor for example, have been in service for nearly 40 years are now in their Mk4 version and are almost all still in service, returning annually for calibration.

Many of their solutions incorporate instruments and components such as thermal mass flow meters, controllers and capacitance manometers produced by their partners. One of the elements of Chell Instruments that elevates them above the competition is their ability to create bespoke solutions as Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell Instruments explains during our interview.

“We are renowned amongst our clients for our specialist knowledge and the ability to come up with often a novel solution where our customers identify gaps in product ranges. Being relatively small, we are also able to adapt easily to any changing market requirements, quickly ensuring that no matter the needs of our clients, we can respond in the time frame required.”

“Chell Instruments has developed solutions to fill an extensive range of unique customer needs – specialist Leak Rate Monitors for the Power Generation industry is an example – however there may occasionally be requests where we feel our US partners may already have the perfect solution and so we do resell some US instrumentation. At the end of the day our aim is to satisfy our clients’ needs as quickly as possible. We always place our customers first.”

This dedication to customer satisfaction extends throughout every facet of the business and can be readily seen in their testing processes. Every bespoke solution is developed in house in their own machine and electronics shops by a team of incredibly talented experts.

“All our products are manufactured in-house where precision CNC machining, Tig welding and helium leak testing are carried out, giving us total control over quality and performance.”

“Performance has been our watchword since inception and our policy has always been to provide calibration facilities for every measurement device we supply. This has resulted in an ISO17025 accredited UKAS calibration facility having some of the lowest uncertainties available outside National Standards, so that products purchased from us have the highest measurement integrity.”

The range of products available from Chell Instruments is vast and covers a wide variety of applications such as; aerodynamic pressure scanning, gas pressure measurement and control equipment, vacuum measurement and control, mass flow meters, systems and controllers, gas handling, gas purification equipment, bespoke test and calibration systems, and a UKAS calibration service.

For more information on the incredible range of solutions Chell Instruments offer, visit the website below or alternatively if you have a more specialist need not covered, contact the professional expert team who will be happy to discuss and find the right solution to your needs.

T +44 (0)1692 500555