NEW Sonatest RSflite Portable Inspection Solution for the Composite Industry

Active with key industry players for 60 years, Sonatest, a leading Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) manufacturer is proud to deliver its new generation of the popular RapidScan product family: the RSflite. Complemented with the fast WheelProbe2 linear array probe and the newly developed UTmap stitching and analysis software, this new Sonatest solution sets a new standard of performance, portability and efficiency for the inspection of simple to complex composite structures.

Save time. Be more efficient.
Boosted by impressive recording speed, the RSflite lightweight battery operated equipment is two times faster than the previous generation. Handling small to large probes and with almost no file size limitation, it can cover rapidly large surfaces and spare precious inspection hours down the production line or at the maintenance site.

Ultrasonic NDT is key for precise composite inspection
Ultrasonic NDT has helped engineers inspect all sorts of composite materials for years. Whether it be traditional aluminium laminates or today’s more complex carbon fibre-based composites; the fast Sonatest RSflite linear scanning technology – also called electronic scanning – offers the ability to acoustically see through these parts, and create high-resolution inspection maps.

T-Scan workspace: the freedom to make it fit, and fast!
For large composite structure inspections, the position and overlap precision of the recorded ultrasonic information is a challenge in itself. The UTmap unique stitching capabilities resolve this issue as each stripe of data (C-Scan) can be re-gated and aligned precisely on the T-Scan workspace.

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