Sustainable recycling solutions

Established in 2008, in just 13 years Presona has grown to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of baling equipment. Founded with a vision to make recycling easier and more efficient for its customers, Presona has morphed into an establishment to which its employees and customers still remain at the core of its ethos.

With its main head office based in Tomelilla, Sweden known as Presona AB, Presona UK is able to draw upon its resources and synergies from the global presence Presona has established. From customer service to technical expertise, Presona has been essential in supporting and raising the consistent standard of efficiency and professionalism within the recycling industry. One of the most important areas in which Presona’s experience helps to deliver innovative products and services designed to save customers time and money is through the development of its balers, conveyors and waste extraction systems, all of which are designed to meet these objectives. Furthermore, Presona equally works to reduce stress within the recycling environment by identifying and resolving pinch points and providing operator training, comprehensive preventative maintenance programmes and a 24/7 support whenever needed.

Presona work within many industries, whether you’re a recycler, logistics company, manufacturer or retailer, Presona has a goal to improve all companies recycling performance. Recruiting many highly skilled staff with advanced technological and industry knowledge has built the backbone of which enables Presona to develop excellent products and services. Its team of compassionate, friendly, and professional people are on hand to design, install and maintain all Presona products and services ensuring maximum efficiency and efficacy with minimum stress.

As a solution-based company, Presona only sell a product or service to a customer if it can make a positive benefit, thus being to improve time management, profits and smooth out operations. Presona only produce the highest quality recycling process equipment that are designed with the latest and most effective technology and methods available.

Presona produce its own range of balers that are some of the most efficient balers on the market with some savings of up to 60% on conventional shear balers. “We supply our own range of baling equipment capable of producing anything from 40 tonnes of pressure right up to 270 tonnes. Our balers will process a range of recycling materials like paper, cardboard, plastic and some metals, into dense bales for easier, more cost-effective shipping. Other benefits include time, team and money, meaning that our balers and equipment will give more time to our customers and time to focus on other areas of their business. Our equipment will make their team more effective at their job due to less manual intervention from staff on our fully automatic equipment. With the mixture of saving customers time and giving their team other areas to work on, this will in turn save them money on expenses within their business,” stated Richard Portas, Customer Accounts and Marketing Manager.

Presona offer a range of balers that can be used to compact materials such as municipal and solid waste, packaging materials, textiles, carpets, metals, RDF and SRF and more. There is also a series of fully automatic LP Range balers for larger, heavy-duty applications throughputs. Its latest invention the MP 270 MH ‘Mega’, is a baler designed to reduce multi baler sites down to the need for just one baler. Its capable of producing 270 tonnes of pressure giving exceptionally dense bales of cardboard, plastic and paper, and up to 45 tonnes per hour.

Chain belt conveyors are an integral part of recycling and waste management plants. Presona has a rich history of designing and supplying bespoke conveyor systems to support its LP series balers. The PreVaya is Presona’s latest conveyor system which is better suited to rugged environments and easier to maintain and upgrade than any others on the market. The PreVaya can be used with any make of baler and can be tailored to individual requirements, material and footprints. Designed to solve recycling/waste problems by including high side walls and a system to accommodate exceptional tonnages, its heavy-duty – galvanised inside and out and service-friendly. “The PreVaya is modular construction that saves on downtime as there is no need for specialist tools like cutters and welders, it’s a simple case of unbolting, replacing, check and leave,” said Richard.

In 2020, Presona helped ethical retailer Co-op further reduce its carbon footprint with the installation of two new balers and Presona built conveyors at the firms Avonmouth and Andover Distribution Centres. The Co-op group used the balers to compact the recovered store materials for recycling and reuse into new films and boxes. The production of materials compacted through the balers supported the Co-op in reducing the number of lorry movements in moving materials to recycling centres and mills around the UK. The partnership was a glowing success to which Co-op stated its wishes to continue working with Presona more in the future.

In further support to the recycling industry, Presona can design, build and install custom, cost effective materials recycling sorting plants. A typical plant can be designed for two or more fractions with an annual material flow of between 30,000 to 300,000 tonnes. From start to finish, Presona take complete responsibility for the contract, project planning, design, erection, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of the plant.

Some production processes can result in lots of small material offcuts where a manual collection system can be inefficient. Presona create bespoke waste extraction systems to combat this issue. Its designers will create a system with the optimum air and material flow capacity via the most effective number of suction points whilst minimising energy consumption. These can be used as a standalone plant or can be seamlessly integrated with Presona balers and conveyors for an unparalleled system.

Presona’s products and services provide critical benefits to its customers thanks to its carefully thought-out innovations and extensive technical know-how. Its products and services allow customers to be more productive with their time and expenses that would once have been lost through unnecessary and inefficient recycling processes. Delivering a structured, fair and consistent service, Presona’s products offer a solution that has been tried and tested for many years. Taking ownership to constantly improve, allowing no room for complacency, Presona is always pushing the boundaries of innovation to make further solutions for better recycling processes.

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