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In this issue of Industry Update, we are proud to announce that Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd. has been declared our Printing Solutions Company of the Month.

Heidelberg Group has been a reliable and highly innovative partner to the global printing industry for more than 170 years. Established 45 years ago, and based in Brentford, Heidelberg UK is a division of Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd. and is the market leading provider of solutions for the printing industry.

Heidelberg UK offers impressive solutions for all printing processes, whether it be offset, digital, or narrow-web label printing with its Gallus brand. Heavily focussing on the systematic end-to-end digitisation of customer value creation, the company is also highly committed to further establishing its energy portfolio, manufacturing gears for wind turbines and creating new eco-friendly products.

The innovative solutions Heidelberg UK offers form the future of the printing industry. Recently, the company has made vast advances in creating solutions via a digital platform for its customers. Known as the Heidelberg Assistant, it is a digital interface that allows access to important performance indicators, service contracts and services, and it allows the user to keep a close eye on the availability and efficiency of their machines. The interactive communication platform also allows access to other products and services from Heidelberg, resulting in an easy-to-track, seamless transfer of information for technical clarification. Accessible via a PC, tablet or smartphone, the Heidelberg Assistant is free to all Heidelberg customers.

In the future, Heidelberg UK will continue to invest into and promote the future of the printing industry through its pioneering out-of-the-box thinking and product designs. As innovators in the printing industry, Heidelberg UK has developed the Heidelberg Cloud as a global industrial IoT solution for all its machines. More than 13,000 machines are connected to this central service and, using a combination of the Heidelberg Assistant and the Heidelberg Cloud, the customer has continuous access to machine availability and performance data.

Developed in 2020 at the request of many customers, the PMI Climate Report has helped organizations better understand the industry impact of COVID-19. The report estimates the impact of economic trends in the print media industry by country. A colour code similar to that of climate maps is used, where blue colours indicate a cool down and brown colours a warm-up. This information is in comparison to the production levels Heidelberg UK saw in the last stable year, 2019.

Amid COVID-19, Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd. has started 2021 with high order volume and improved operating profitability. Heidelberg UK will continue to invest heavily in new markets and utilise its data and research to bring new products and services to the UK printing market.

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